The word ,, jermuk,, in Armenian means "warm," and if we want to be more exact , it means "a warm spring"

That is why in Armenia and beyond it    Jermuk   is  famous  not only as the name of the resort city, but also as  the unusual mineral water that was once discovered there …

And what is     the famous resort  of Jermuk now ?

Jermuk   is situated in the south  of Armenia, to be  exact   near   the Arpa River.  The city is   173 kilometers from Yerevan.   Jermuk   is   2,080 meters above the sea level. The city is located on a small terrain   and the Arpa river divides the place into two beautiful parts.

Many years ago in 1925  some  scientists  were sent to Jermuk  in   order  to study the medicinal qualities  of the  mineral water and its influence  on the man. The conclusion of the scientists was surprising  : you can create a  new  town on the base of the mineral water.

The most   fundamental factors of Jermuk  as  a resort-town  are   ecology   and the mineral water  rich in   its composition .

Now   Jermuk   is  famous all over the world    as   one  of the most sanitary  cities of Armenia.  The city  drowns   in the green trees and countless flowers  and   the air is filled  with oxygen. The  Canyon,  where the resort town is situated , also has a unique feature – the absence of wind. The mild climate of Jermuk allows everybody to   enjoy the nature  and be healed   when  they want.

The mineral water “Jermuk”  has a special composition, it contains biologically active rare  elements. Another feature of the water is that it has carbonation from nature. It also contributes to the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

The plant that produces this truly magical water is located directly near the well from which it is extracted.

The number of medical sources in Jermuk has already reached forty.  The water that is extracted from there , has a temperature of 57 to 64 degrees.

The hotels in Jermuk are distinguished by high-quality service and modern equipment and medical diagnostics. There are no similar hotels: each of them will provide something that will leave in the memory   as  long as possible.

 For example, the hotel  ,, Anush ,, is located in the center of Jermuk, near the sanatorium Olympia. The hotel offers a picturesque view of the hot springs of Jermuk and a view of   the  waterfall.

 The health resort ,, Olimpia,, is known for its hot mineral waters and a range of medical services that are unique in scale.  The hypothermic mineral and healing waters make up the main health-improving base of the sanatorium.

“Jermuk Ashkhar”   medical centre   was constructed   in 1975.  The best- quality   specialists who work here provide   people   with   the effective treatment   using   comprehensive health measures

Of course, if you  visit  Jermuk,  then you must see firsthand the famous Jermuk waterfall. From the picturesque slope    the magnificence of nature and the richness of the colors of the water  will be opened to your  view …  Everything  beckons the ears and fascinates  for a long time ..

The Gndevank monastery, located in Jermuk, was erected in the tenth century on the initiative of Princess Sophia. It is located on the very bottom of a dizzying canyon. In one of the old buildings, a descent to an ancient well was discovered. The monastery is an architectural relic that has survived to this day.

 Jermuk is considered to be   the biggest volcanic and climatic health resort in Armenia.

The climate, as a rule, is mild. Summer is   warm, winter is long and snowy, but  sunny and   enjoyable.

250-300 warm days a year will give you not only pleasure but also   a good mood .  The  atmospheric pressure  reaches 600 mm., The amount of precipitation is nearly  600 mm per year, and the  comparative humidity is 45-48%.

   The main factors that   drag   people are   lovely weather , mountainous   healing mineral water, beautiful nature,  climate, fresh air and  reasonable humidity. Therefore, Jermuk   is  known to be  one of the most comfortable  places for recovering  and amusement  not only in Armenia  but also far beyond its borders.

If you are healthy   you are wealthy! Everybody knows it … And having visited Jermuk, you will feel not only healthy, but full of confidence and strength …

Nature has given us such a miracle, and each of us is simply obliged to plunge into a real fairy tale …

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