Dilijan or as people call "Armenian Switzerland"...


This region is often called the “Armenian Switzerland”, there may be many similarities, but one thing is certain – Dilijan is not only different in its attractive landscapes and its pleasant climate.

In Soviet times it was a meeting place for filmmakers, composers, artists and writers, they created here.

Mimino statue_Dilijan

How far is Dilijan from Yerevan

The distance from Yerevan to Dilijan is 98.8 km (61.25 miles ), and travel time is 1 hour 32 mins. Average speed of travel is within 65 km/h.

Today it is a center of tourism with a number of beautiful hotels and attractions, unique in nature and structure.

There is so much natural beauty to inspire the creative thought: the lush oak forests rise above the city and they are visible from a distance. In the summer you can see how the villagers lead cattle from mountain pastures through the city, and people gather mushrooms and mountain herbs in the forests nearby.


The local architecture is dominated by tiled roofs and roofs made of wooden beams. Even the trace of the monuments of the Soviet era has been preserved. As if history became a living witness to these places…


Medieval churches Haghartsin and Goshavank can be seen nearby and you feel the spirit of the time. The beautiful Haghartsin monastery (“Haghartsin” means “Dance of the Eagles”) was built in the 12th century by two Bagratuni brothers. The monastery is in a forest valley surrounded with huge walnut trees.

In the monastery there are three churches: Gregory the Illuminator, the Virgin Mary, named Surp Astvatsatsin (The Blessed Virgin) and the chapel of St. Stepanos. The church is also known for the fact that it depicts the image of the Virgin Mary and her child, which, undoubtedly, is a masterpiece of architecture.


The family seal of the Bagratuni clan can be seen on the back of the chapel of St. Stepanos.

On the wall of the church of St. Gregory you can see several unique khachkars, a sundial and a refectory (1248) with amazing arches.

The monastery is located 4 kilometers from the main road.


What is this place that it is even compared with paradise?

Tourism in Dilijan grows intensively. Dilijan hotels are famous not only in Armenia but all over the world.

But in the fourth century the kings rested here and it was in these forests that the royal hunt was conducted. The picturesque place always beckoned the traveler and fascinated the local resident. Even the famous Russian writer Maxim Gorky said that the mountains protect and envelop this region, but most of all he was impressed by the calm that arose from Dilijan…

Although quite often in Dilijan rain falls, the weather contributes to natural gardening and clean air, filled with the smell of flowers and the breeze of the winds.

Dilijan_azgayin park

The school, opened in Dilijan recently, is a direct proof that the region blooms and safely moves towards success in all areas.
The boarding school is unique in that it has united children from 50 countries of the world. This charitable project in Dilijan is a clear improvement in the social development of the country as a whole.


Dilijan’s health care is also at an exceptionally high level. The sanatoriums ”Mountain Armenia ” and ”Dilijan” are equipped with the latest generation equipment.

In 1932 A.P. Demekhin discovered the healing properties of the mineral water of Dilijan. Since then, tuberculosis of the lungs and bones, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver and many other complex diseases have been treated in the sanatoriums of the city.

The source of water ”Dilijan Frolova” is located in the ecologically clean zone of the national park ”Dilijan”.

The water in its natural form, full of natural trace elements, flows 7 kilometers from the city of Dilijan. Natural filtering takes place in the mountains and the water is finally recycled at the Dilijan factory without changing the initial composition of the water.


And in the national park ”Dilijan” 180 varieties of medicinal plants and different types of mushrooms grow. The animal world is diverse and attracts with its magnificence and uniqueness. A huge number of mountain springs and small rivulets fill the park with tranquility and the world harmony…

You can ask: ”What things can one do in Dilijan?” The answer is inside the town… In the magnificence of the mountainous Dilijan…

No, Dilijan does not look like any other land… And that’s the truth.

Parz lij_Dilijan


Lake “Transparent” (Parz), monasteries, historical monuments, resorts, hotels, nature itself, unique water – all this is filled with a special meaning which speaks of a great and ancient country – Armenia…

There is a famous phrase about which very few people remember but in vain. They say: ”If there were forests, mountains and mineral springs in Paradise, the paradise would look like Dilijan”.

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