Things to Do in Yeghegnadzor (Armenia)

Եղեգնաձորի տեսարժան վայրերը

As the locals say, Yeghegnadzor is the center of Armenia, really when you look at the map it is like that. Yeghegnadzor highway connecting Syunik region և Artsakh Republic. Geography: The city spreads on the right and left banks of the Arpa River, in the north it merges with the villages of Gladzor և Vernashen. History: Yeghegnadzor is one of the ancient settlements of the Armenian highlands. This is evidenced by the findings of the tomb excavated in the northeastern part of the city. According to historical sources, Yeghegnadzor was…

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48 hours in Yerevan, Armenia


48 hours is not enough for the best things to see in Armenia, but here are some places to go in Yerevan (or near locations) and things to do in Armenia for 2 days to help you experience the amazing attractions of Armenia and its colorful atmosphere. Day One To spend the time more productively, you can rent a car from Yerevan airport and start your short trip right from there. 10:00am- Indeed, there are so many places to go in Yerevan, but to start with you should go to Erebuni Historical-Archeological Museum-Reserve. The…

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25 Things Not to Miss in Armenia

Are you planning a visit to Armenia? There are so many things to see in Armenia. And here is the list of 25 top attractions in Armenia not to miss if you are in the country. We will help you to find out the must see places in Yerevan and some awesome activities to do in Armenian Marzes. On the roads of Armenia Garni is a standing 1st century Greco-Roman colonnaded temple one of a kind in the entire Post Soviet countries. Garni Gorge is of the natural wonders of…

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Fortresses and Castles in Armenia


Many people who have visited Armenia will state that Armenia is a land of 1000s of churches, and there are many sites to visit to see medieval fortresses and castles. As Armenia didn’t have State freedom for more than 700 years most of the fortresses and castles were destroyed after the owners left them. So today there are many ruins of medieval fortresses and castles in the territory of modern Armenia. Amberd Castle Amberd fortress is located in Aragatsotn Marz, 62km (38,5m) away from Yerevan. The castle was built in…

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Things to do in Mtskheta


Mtskheta is one of the ancient cities in Georgia. It was the former capital of the early Georgian Kingdom of Iberia. Located not far from Tbilisi, Mtskheta is one of the favorite destinations of many tourists. If you want to explore this old city and surroundings rent a car via Enterprise Rent-A-Car and spend a whole day in Mtskheta. You can get there driving on a Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze highway. The road condition is quite perfect. The weather in Mtskheta is quite different. The summers are warm and winters are cold enough…

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Best bridal bouquet

bride bouquet

A bridal bouquet is not just an attribute at the celebration, but an important component of the bride’s image, which takes the public attention. Therefore, it must be unique and as beautiful as a bride in a wedding dress. It is important to highlight the accents, choose the right color scheme for a bridal bouquet! Best bridal bouquet: trendy types Pomander bridal bouquet A bridal bouquet in the form of a ball is very popular nowadays. It’s also called pomander. A small volume of a bouquet is appropriate for almost…

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Best Christian churches and monasteries in Armenia


As you know, Armenia is the first Christian country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion. This happened back in 301. Since then, Armenia has never betrayed its faith, and for more than 17 centuries it has been faithful to Christianity. For almost two millennia, a large number of beautiful temples have been built in the country, many of which are more than a thousand years old. We invite you to make a pilgrimage to Armenia and feel the indescribable aura of ancient churches and monasteries and follow the path of the disciples of…

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Breathtaking Trip to Kazbegi


Georgia is an incredible tourist destination, especially for those who love nature. Many will agree that real Georgia is out of the capital city – Tbilisi. If you want to explore a very beautiful and breathtaking place, be ready to discover Kazbegi, where soaring mountains, fresh air, and alpine plants will amaze you. Kazbegi, now Stepantsminda sometimes will not be in the list of “must visit” places, but those who chose this destination fall in love with it forever. If you want fully discover Kazbegi and surroundings, rent a 4×4…

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Top 5 Armenian dishes you must try in your life


While traveling, among the most vivid impressions people still have smells and tastes. The brightness of the “picture” that you managed to see and admire at a certain moment is momentary and, unfortunately, is very quickly erased from memory. Another thing is tastes and smells, which all life can remind you of a warm summer evening in a cozy cafe or a noisy party with friends. Traditional Armenian cuisine is perhaps as versatile and contrasting as Armenia itself. There is an opinion that meat and fatty dishes prevail in the…

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Eco Tourism and Best Eco destinations in Armenia

Eco tourism in Armenia

Eco tours in Armenia are becoming an increasingly well-known destination in tourism. The potential of Armenia in ecotourism is very high: it’s developing rapidly, bypassing the ordinary tours for scrutinizing the sights. Instead of the usual tourist attractions, ecotours give a tourist a chance to get acquainted with the nature of the terrain, offer to relax in rustic areas – exceptional recreation areas with a particular attitude to nature, they use environmentally friendly products, all-natural and homely. Residents of big cities get tired of the permanent flurry and bad ecology, preferring to rest against the background of…

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