Tatev Monastery: The elevation you’ll love

Tatev Monastery: The elevation you’ll love

In the south of Armenia, high in the mountains above the gorge, there is an amazing monastery. It is called Tatev, which is translated from ancient Armenian as “give a wing”, “fly.”

The Armenians themselves say that Tatev is an amazing place for the fusion of the Middle Ages and modernity, ingenious architecture and virgin nature.

About Tatev monastery

To tell about all the vicissitudes that occurred with the monastery of Tatev, there is not enough of an entire article, so we will limit ourselves to only the most interesting facts from the history of this place.

Researchers agree that Tatev was founded in the IX century. After a hundred years, the monastery population reached thousands of people, and after another 2 centuries the monastery collected taxes from nearby settlements. However, for a short time the music played – Tamerlane’s army at the end of the fourteenth century plundered and nearly destroyed Tatev.

However, the monastery was restored, and very soon it became the largest center of philosophical and scientific thought in medieval Armenia. One of the largest universities in the country, a seminary, and a library operated on the territory of the monastery.

Unfortunately, nature did not want many of the buildings of a unique monastery to be seen by our contemporaries. The difficult time for Tatev was in 1931 when the strongest earthquake nearly erased him from the face of the earth.

Now the Tatev Monastery is inactive, but it is open to travelers.

Where is Tatev monastery located?

The monastery of Tatev is in the south of Armenia, 280 km from Yerevan.

The place where Tatev is located is already remarkable – a steep rock at the foot of which the fast Vorotan River flows.

On the territory of the monastery is worth seeing the church of St. Poghos and Petros, which was supposedly built in 895-906. To the right of the church there is the tomb of St. Gregory. Pay attention to the walls, decorated with many carved crosses.

The ropeway “Wings of Tatev”

Still some five years ago to get to the monastery was considered a real feat for any traveler. The fact is that you could get there only by a dangerous mountain road passing through Vorotan gorge.

But in 2010 the ropeway “Wings of Tatev” was opened. This cable car became the longest passenger cable car in the world. Its length is 5.7 kilometers, the height is 360 meters!

The cockpit as if by itself flies over the woods and among the rocks for just over 11 minutes…

The views, that open during the Tatev elevation, are amazing! The biggest rise is more than 300 metres above the gorge. It is worth paying attention to the Devil’s Bridge, which is not the creation of human hands, it was created by the river itself, making its way through the mountains.

The most terrible place in the way is when the cabin flies to Vorotan gorge…

Here, like in a roller coaster: first, it slows down its course, climbing up to the crest, and then with great acceleration, hoots down to fly over the gorge. The difference with the roller coaster is the same, but what kind: here you fly, and under you another 360 meters of airspace pass by.

How much does the ticket to Tatev cost?

One way ticket costs 3000 drams, in both directions – 4000 drams. By the way, for residents of the surrounding villages the travel costs 500 drams, for those who use the cable car to get to the place of work, the travel is completely free.

By the way, at the top station of the cable car there is a cozy restaurant – you can eat delicious and relatively inexpensive.

Every travelling to Tatev will give you invisible wings. Not real… But wings …

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