Yerevan Zipline Airlines – 60 Seconds of Excitement and Surprise

Зиплайн в Армении

If Armenia is a mysterious treasure island, then we are greedy pirates who are looking for endless adventures. Indeed, we still have so many interesting activities to discover, but the time is still enough for us. There are about a dozen initiatives and success stories. So follow us in the future too. And now let us tell you about our latest “discovery”. Yerevan Zipline Airlines This time we received an invitation from Yerevan Zipline Airlines: it is the only zip line in Yerevan. It was built in 2017 and it was officially…

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Armenian-Swiss Conference on Rural Tourism in Armenia

In 2018, from October 19 to 24, a group of experts will arrive in Armenia from Switzerland at the invitation of the “Miasin” (Together) Foundation. The group of experts consists of the head of the Geneva Grand Saconne Community, the representative of the International UNO Office for Employment in Geneva, the Executive Director of Tourism For Help, the leader of Green Employment and Sustainable development and many others. The main purpose of their visit is to enhance participatory practices in the Armenian communities for the development of integrated rural tourism.…

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Erebuni Yerevan 2800th Birthday Celebration


Erebuni Yerevan festival is one of the most popular and the most favourite festivals in Armenia. The festival is held to celebrate the birthday of the oldest city of Armenia – the capital of Armenia Yerevan. Yerevan is older than Rome and this year it is going to celebrate its 2800th birthday! EREBUNI YEREVAN FESTIVAL The first celebration of Erebuni Yerevan was in October 1968, when Yerevan was celebrating its 2750th anniversary. The most interesting part of this celebration were the stamps “Erebuni” and “David of Sasun”, colourful souvenirs dedicated to this event, greeting…

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Francophonie 2018 in Armenia, Yerevan


Francophonie 2018 in the capital of Armenia Yerevan is a great event for all the Armenians and for the whole French-speaking world. Francophonie is coming to Armenia! Francophonie is an event happening every two years and this year, it is our turn to host the 17th edition of Francophonie summit. THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF LA FRANCOPHONIE Being the greatest International linguistic zone in the world the international organization of la Francophonie tries to share not only the French language but also the values of French-speaking people. The international organization of…

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