Armenian Architecture – Armenian churches


Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world with a recorded history of about 3500 years. One of the most important fields in Armenian history is architecture. Traditional Armenian architecture, developed early into the middle ages, is largely inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. Pre-Christian architecture in Armenia The history of Armenian architecture is, in reality, the history of the development of a single type of building: the church. But we know very sophisticated building techniques were in use in Armenia and a strong architectural tradition in stone was…

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Where should you go hiking in Armenia?

If you are in a search to hike to adventurous trails and see gorgeous scenery look no further than Armenia. For such a small country, Armenia can offer you very diverse nature in each region and you can go on a hike to a mountain, to a fortress, a beautiful lake and so many more places! Here’s a list of some of the most popular hiking treks in Armenia.  WATERS AND FORESTS OF TAVUSH REGION Take Dilijan as your starting point and first discover what the city has to offer.…

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Armenian Family Values | Armenian traditions and customs


Everyone knows what a traditional Armenian family is: the father is the head of the family, the wife is a faithful helper, and the children are clever angels. But modern families are different from traditional ones. Armenian family The Armenian family is a state in the state. On the territory of the apartment in which the Armenians live, their own laws reign. In the family Armenian father is the king of the family.  Who rules in Armenian family? According to the unwritten laws of the mountains, the opinion and desire…

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Khachkar – Traditional Art type in Armenia


There are a number of symbols that represent Armenia’s rich culture and one of them, called khachkar, is absolutely unique. Khachkar means cross-stone if translated literally – khach means cross and kar means stone. So, how did it evolve and what is so special about khachkars anyway? HOW DID KHACHKAR EVOLVE IN HISTORY? Initially, khachkars were carved in memory of someone and worshipped for religious purposes. The first khachkars appeared in the 4th century since Armenia had just adopted Christianity as an official religion. Initially, the crosses were carved on wood…

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Things to do in Yerevan, Armenia on March 8


March 8 is the brightest, long-awaited, beloved and joyful spring holiday in Armenia! It is possible to decorate this wonderful holiday and make it truly unforgettable by travelling to festive and flourishing Armenia! It is in Armenia that you are welcomed with hospitality, tasty and nourishing food, fresh air filled with the smells of flowering apricots! Visiting the sights of Armenia, you will be able to open only part of it, which is seen by guests and tourists. However, if the purpose of your visit is to get acquainted with…

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8 March International Women’s day in Armenia

Every year on March 8, the whole world celebrates International Women’s Day. However, initially this holiday did not appear as a day honouring the females, but as the day of women revolutionaries. History of this day After all, the history of International Women’s Day begins with the “march of empty pots”, which was organized on March 8, 1857, by textile workers in the city of New York. Tired of inequality and harsh working conditions, women demanded higher wages, better working conditions and equality. Of course, the demonstration was quickly dispersed,…

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Tsaghkadzor – Armenian winter wonderland


Be it a hot summer day or cold freezing winter Armenia always has something to offer. Tsaghkadzor that is mostly known as a resort town, can be a real treat if you are into skiing. The town is in a mild climate, nice enough to stay in for a cup of warm tea and cold enough to get the best skiing experience. So, what should you try, when in Tsaghkadzor? TSAGHKADZOR SKI RESORT In the beautiful slopes of Mountain Teghenis, with an altitude of approximately 1800m, Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort is…

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Armenian holidays 2019 [Infographic]


Armenian Holidays and memorial days are the inseparable part of Armenian culture and history. In order to know more about Armenian people, the way of their living and thinking one should visit Armenian holidays and feel the fantastic atmosphere of Armenian love. Here are some Armenian holidays and memorial days which are important for Armenians! 1. Christmas Date: January 6 Christmas in Armenia is a church holiday and it has no connection with Santa Claus. The Christian world celebrates Christmas on 25th of December, but Armenians continue celebrating Christmas on…

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Top Armenian Festivals and Events in 2019 [Infographic]


In 2019 more than 30 festivals are going to take place in Armenia. The festivals, such as musical, gastronomical, wine will not leave indifferent any of the guests of the country! They are held in Yerevan and other large cities, as well as in small villages among picturesque mountain landscapes. Armenian festivals 2019 in winter 1. Kagand Folk Festival December 28-29 Pambak, Byurakan 2. Snowman festival February 16-17 Location: Jermuk, Vayots Dzor Armenian festivals 2019 in spring 3. Barekendan festival March 2-3 Pambak, Byurakan 4. Tsaghkazard festival April 13-14 Pambak, Byurakan…

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Armenian festivals, events and holidays in 2019 [full list]


Armenia is a land full of creative people who invent interesting festivals and events, so once you are in Armenia make sure to visit the festivals here. Armenian festivals and events 2019 Here is a full list of Armenian festivals and events in order not to miss one! 1. Snowman festival Date: February 16-17 Location: Jermuk, Vayots Dzor 2. Barekendan festival Date: March 2-3 Location: Pambak, Byurakan 3. Tsaghkazard festival Date: April 13-14 Location: Pambak, Byurakan 4. Yerevan Jazz days Date: April 30 Location: Cascade Complex, Yerevan 5. Yerevan Wine days Date: May 3-4 Location: Saryan street, Yerevan 6. Dolma Festival…

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