Gifts for Mother’s day, Armenia


From time immemorial April 7 is celebrated in Armenia as the Day of the Woman, Mother, Beauty and Spring. April 7 is not a public holiday in Armenia, but on this day, children congratulate their mothers, grandmothers and sisters, and men congratulate their wives and brides as they do on the 8th of March. April 7: Roots According to the biblical writings, guardian angels inform the Mother of God on April 7 that she will have a baby in 9 months. By the decree of the Catholicos of All Armenians,…

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Wings of Tatev – Longest non-stop cable car


Armenia is a country of beautiful mountains. And to admire the view, you can go on a road trip, go on a zipline…or take the longest non-stop cable car in the world! Located in Syunik region, this 5.7 km cableway will show you the best of Tatev Monastery, Syunik landscapes and so much more. THE CABLEWAY EXPERIENCE Wings of Tatev (TaTever in Armenian) holds the Guinness World Record for the longest non-stop double track cable car. It is located in Syunik region, about 250 km south from Yerevan. Built in 10 months…

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Interested in discovering old buildings, finding history on every corner of the streets and visiting museums that tell countless stories? Go to Gyumri, the second largest city of Armenia, also known as the country’s cultural capital. Here is why Gyumri proudly wears this important title and why it should be on your list to visit, when in Armenia. MUSEUMS There is no other city like Gyumri that can be proud to have given so many great artists, not just to Armenia but around the world. The city even has a…

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Armenian art and culture | Art Tour in Armenia


Due to its geopolitical location with access to Europe and Asia, Armenia is the bearer of European and Eastern cultural traditions, which speaks of its uniqueness. Armenian Culture Armenia is rightfully called one of the cradles of world civilization. At the root of the Armenian culture, you can find the culture of the Urartian civilization. The heritage of Urartu includes fortress cities, cuneiform tablets and irrigation systems unique to the ancient world. In the period of the 4th century BC up to the 3rd century AD Armenian culture developed under the influence…

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Do you know about the Little Swizerland of Armenia?


If you are looking for a cosy place to spend the weekend, check out Dilijan. In the Soviet times it mainly used to be a spa town but with so many new entertainment places, hiking spots and restaurants in the city, it is now one of the most popular destinations in Armenia. Here’s everything you need to know to have the best trip to the little Switzerland of Armenia.  WHAT TO SEE One of the cool things about the city is the great mixture of old history and its modern…

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Garni temple: The heritage of Greco-Roman culture in Armenia

It is already no secret that Armenia is a land of ancient history that goes back to the very beginning of civilization. Garni, one of the oldest cultural heritage sightseeings in the country, is an outstanding temple that will impress you from so many aspects. Learn about the temple’s history, the fortress, the ancient baths around it, and why it is so iconic anyway?   HISTORY When you first see Garni in front of you, it won’t remind you of anything very special. It may look plain and simple. However,…

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Treasures of Vayots Dzor or “Armenian Tanzania”

Yeghegis Armenia 2019

This time we decided to leave for Vayots Dzor, one of the most beloved regions of the mount climbers, with rich high mountains, beautiful rock paintings, caves, diversity of flora and fauna, historical and cultural monuments. I got an invitation from the coordinator of the Lost in Armenia project Rafael Khudoyan.։ The aim of the project is to discover the cosy nooks of Armenia, create unique tourist routes and develop adventurous tours. Rafael is a former soldier, a volunteer of the April war, a simple, patriotic and, of course, adventurous…

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Celebrating Easter in Armenia in 2019

The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Easter – Holy Christ’s Resurrection – on the next Sunday after the full moon from March 21st to April 26th. Ancient spiritual Sharakans sound in the temples and traditional Easter tables are laid in the houses of believers. Easter in Armenia The feast of Holy Resurrection is also called Easter, which means deliverance, deliverance from sins and returns to God. Easter is considered to be one of the greatest holidays of the Old and the New Testament. Easter celebration in Armenia The night before Easter…

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You have decided to take a road trip and explore the different sights of Armenia. Only about 1.5-2 hour drive from Yerevan, Yeghegnadzor has so much to offer! So what should you see before you get to the city, once you are there, what are the best places to eat and drink, as well as stay a night or two in Yeghegnadzor? WHAT TO SEE Leaning towards the south of the country, Yeghegnadzor weather is usually temperate and mild. It is the centre of Vayots Dzor region which stands out…

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Alcoholic Drinks You Should Try in Armenia

Armenia is a country where everyone feels at home. Traditions, family values and religion are honoured in this land. Like a magic fairyland with a variety of fabulous wealth, Armenia is full of all wonders! It is necessary to discover Armenia and it will amaze you with all its treasures! If you are an artist or a lover of ancient architecture; a gourmet who loves good food and drinks; a photographer who is looking for worthy landscapes for his masterpieces – come to Armenia! There you will find everything: the…

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