jazz fest-armenia

Jazz as a music genre is quite popular in Armenia, and Armenian jazz bands are very much appreciated for their work. Live jazz performance events are organized all year around in different venues. The culmination of all such events, however, is the Yerevan Jazz Festival! Every year, the capital of Armenia hosts the most expected event of the year for jazz lovers. WHAT During the Yerevan Jazz Festival, performances are done not only by the local jazz musicians but also by other invitees who are the most prominent award-winning performers from around…

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Floating Umbrellas in The Streets | Umbrella Sky in Armenia


Do you know that there is also an umbrella street in Armenia? It’s not in the capital of Armenia – Yerevan, but in town Talin. Talin is that very town where you can find umbrella sky in the street. About Talin, Armenia Talin town is located 66 kilometres from the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, in the Aragatsotn region. 18 kilometres from the city you can find the railway station Karmrashen. Talin is considered to be one of the oldest settlements in Armenia. The first mention refers to the 1-2 century.…

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May 9, Armenians celebrate three holidays at once


Residents of Armenia and the numerous Armenian diaspora celebrate public holiday May 9 not only as of the victory in World War II but also as the day of the liberation of Shushi and the formation of the Defense Army. The Armenian people who survived the genocide have repeatedly shown their courage to the world. And Victory Day has become a real triple holiday of Armenian strength. Victory Day in Armenia First of all, as in many countries of the former Soviet Union, Armenia celebrates victory in World War II. About 600…

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