Best Flowers For Your Teacher


On September 1st is a pleasant opportunity for students to give a beautiful bunch of flowers to their favourite teachers. Flowers will express your thankfulness and let you brighten their day. This day is a better way to thank them for their hard and dedicated day. If you want to give fresh and original flowers this year, here are the best blossoms for you. Holland Tulips The diversity of tulips makes bouquet vibrant and full of life. A tulip has a distinct structure and root system that makes them unique. These colourful…

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Traveling to any country is a great unforgettable experience. Before visiting the country you should get some information about the culture and the people living there. If you are visiting Armenia you will probably start your journey with Yerevan, capital of Armenia. Yerevan is the heart and the largest city of the sunny country. We are going to give you a few Yerevan travel tips so that you don’t feel confused when traveling in the big and beautiful city. One good Yerevan travel advice is to start your trip with a walking…

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Renting A Car in Yerevan


Traveling is always a good idea, and if you need a car during your trip, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is here to help you. How can I rent a car in Yerevan? We are going to guide you step by step through the process of renting a car in Armenia via website. 1. To make an online reservation please visit and fill in the required information. ·      Your location ·      If you prefer to return the car to another location, please make sure you click on the checkbox “Return to a different location” which will…

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Most interesting sightseeing places to visit in Yerevan

Yerevan, Republic Square

The buildings of Yerevan were built of volcanic stones of various shades of pink! So Yerevan got the nickname “Pink City”, sometimes it is called the city of stones. Yerevan is a developed city with modern architecture, cultural centers, museums, and monuments. You should definitely devote at least a full day or more to explore the main attractions of this beautiful city! What to do in Yerevan in summer? Here are interesting sightseeing places to visit in Yerevan, especially in summer. Where to relax and how to spend the summer in…

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Who doesn’t like to plan ahead and have a more or less set ideas on what they want to do and see while travelling? In Armenia the most flexible way to do so is by car, and here are a number of reasons for that. You are in charge of your time In order to enjoy the day fully and be free of pressure of catching the last bus back, it’s good to know that you have time. In Armenia especially, the transportation between cities and regions can be slightly tricky, as…

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The Armenian flora and fauna are very diverse and unique. A number of unique and beautiful flowers grow in Armenia. Here are 5 Armenian flowers that are the most popular in Armenia. Violet Violet has 500 species, but only 14 species are common in Armenia. It grows mainly in forests, meadows, rocky areas and so on. Preparations from the violet flower are used for skin diseases. Fragrant violet occurs in Syunik region, mainly with yellow flowers, in Lori and Tavush regions, where the violets are large, purple and fragrant. Snowdrop There are 20 species of snowdrop flower known…

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Advantages Of Being a Woman Driver in Armenia


It is no secret that driving can sometimes be stressful for some people, and although it gets one to places, they keep on doing that. However, there is a great amount of people who genuinely enjoy driving. Driving in Armenia does not only mean getting from point A to point B or exploring the area, driving here is getting to know the locals, getting to know the culture and habits of the people slightly better and always knowing in the back of your mind that you are never lost. As a woman especially, who enjoys…

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Best dishes of Armenian cuisine that you should try

Armenian top dishes

Armenian dishes are outstanding by their exceptional spicy taste and spiciness. For cooking, Armenian culinary masters use about 300 species of wild herbs and flowers, which they use as seasonings or even the base dish.  Gardman Tour offers to get acquainted with Armenian cuisine food recipes, which are not only traditional in Armenia but loved in divers countries. Harissa Ingredients: 1 chicken weighing 1 kg, 500 g of wheat grits, salt. Preparation of Harissa: Soak the wheat cereal. Boil the chicken, remove it from the broth, separate the meat from the bones and…

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Adventures in Syunik: for long drive lovers


Discovering a country while taking a road trip uncovers not only most of its landscapes, but also people, culture, heritage and nature. Armenia has a lot to offer from all these listed things, therefore if you are wondering what to do for a couple of days or if you enjoy driving through the mountains that do not stop changing their scenery, then a drive down to the jewel of Armenia that is Syunik region is perfect for you. Syunik offers the longest non-stop cable car in the world. The 5.7 km cable…

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