Who doesn’t like to plan ahead and have a more or less set ideas on what they want to do and see while travelling? In Armenia the most flexible way to do so is by car, and here are a number of reasons for that. You are in charge of your time In order to enjoy the day fully and be free of pressure of catching the last bus back, it’s good to know that you have time. In Armenia especially, the transportation between cities and regions can be slightly tricky, as…

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The Armenian flora and fauna are very diverse and unique. A number of unique and beautiful flowers grow in Armenia. Here are 5 Armenian flowers that are the most popular in Armenia. Violet Violet has 500 species, but only 14 species are common in Armenia. It grows mainly in forests, meadows, rocky areas and so on. Preparations from the violet flower are used for skin diseases. Fragrant violet occurs in Syunik region, mainly with yellow flowers, in Lori and Tavush regions, where the violets are large, purple and fragrant. Snowdrop There are 20 species of snowdrop flower known…

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