5 Reason for Traveling to Armenia

Гора Арагац, Армения

Are you planning a trip to Armenia and want to know more about this country? After you learn about this country’s advantages you will start packing your bags! 1. Nature First of all Armenia is a country known for its marvelous landscapes, mountains and forests which are the best for you if you are fond of hiking. They are perfect for a family picnic with Khorovats (barbeque in Armenian), outing with your friends. Sitting on a river bank will relax you and make you feel calm and in harmony with nature and yourself.…

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The history of making and types of Armenian Carpet


Armenian Carpet Armenian culture can’t be imagined without national carpets or rugs and each traditional home has been decorated with them. People cover their floors, seats, chairs, sofas, beds, tables and walls with carpet. Carpet is also a great and original gift for relatives living abroad. In this article, you will read about Armenian carpet history, design, symbols etc. The history of Armenian Carpet Carpet weaving as a craft has been developed since ancient times in Armenia. Carpets and rugs were considered essential items and were used by almost all population.…

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Explore Gyumri

The cathedral of the holy_mother

Gyumri is the second largest city of Armenia. It is known for its rich history, culture and famous humor of its inhabitants (Gyumretsi). In ancient times it was a trade crossroad for many different nations. Gyumri has given birth to famous poets Hovhannes Shiraz, Avetik Isahakyan and the beloved actor Mher “Frunzik” Mkrtchyan. Here are some tips on what to do in Gyumri. You might be interested in seeing the city center before diving deeper into its secrets and mysteries. Vardanants square is the central city square. It is named after Armenian hero Vardan Mamikonyan, historical military leader,…

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Holidays in Armenia

Holidays help a traveler to learn more about the country and its culture. Armenia is a country of contrasts and rich culture. There are different holidays here and visiting Armenia you definitely need to know about some of them. Let’s get acquainted with the most popular holidays in Armenia. New Year Every year begins with the New Year as in a lot of countries on December 31st. Armenian celebrate it from 20th century especially when Armenia joined USSR. Armenians start New Year preparation almost a month before the holiday because…

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Armenia as a Homeland of Winemaking

Armenia is mostly known for its cognacs, but very few people are aware that first of all Armenia is a country which has winemaking millennial traditions. Armenian wines are known in many countries of the world as leading brands in that field. Many people come to this country to try wine and brandy. They also have a wine festival in Armenia. During 2 wine days in Yerevan or so called “Yerevan Wine Days” Armenian wine producers present guests 200 types of wine. Everything is accompanied by a charming piece of music.…

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Enterprise story

rent-a-car-in yerevan-armenia

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an ongoing American success story. The company’s guiding principles and humble beginning revolve around personal honesty and integrity. These things are as true today as they were when the company was founded in 1957. Enterprise story begins back in 1957. A decorated WWII Hellcat pilot returned home after serving over the skies of the South Pacific. This man, a true innovator named Jack Taylor, was dedicated to his country, his family and the dream of starting a business. Founder Jack Taylor selected the name Enterprise as a salute to the WWII…

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