5 Reason for Traveling to Armenia

Гора Арагац, Армения

Are you planning a trip to Armenia and want to know more about this country? After you learn about this country’s advantages you will start packing your bags!

1. Nature

First of all Armenia is a country known for its marvelous landscapes, mountains and forests which are the best for you if you are fond of hiking. They are perfect for a family picnic with Khorovats (barbeque in Armenian), outing with your friends.

Sitting on a river bank will relax you and make you feel calm and in harmony with nature and yourself. The country is the perfect introduction to one of the most interesting corners of the world, standing at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

2. Cuisine

Armenia is a country of delicious food and people who appreciate a tasty meal. All you need to do is attend restaurants or cafes that offer traditional Armenian cuisine. Have you ever heard of Dolma? It is the first thing they will suggest you to try.

This kitchen masterpiece is made with cabbage leaves filled with minced meat and seasoning. Another thing you would melt to try is Khorovats (Barbeque) prepared with seasoning and fresh onions, served along with potatoes, grilled eggplants, pepper and tomatoes. Armenian food and cuisine is full of contrast, it contains many different tastes, shapes and colors! And it is definitely one of the biggest reasons to travel to Armenia.

3. Hospitality

Armenian Hospitality is a worldwide famous “brand”! Because everywhere you go in this country you will be welcomed with cheers and willingness to help you, feed you and take care of you. You can feel completely safe to ask to show you the right way anybody in the streets if you’re lost or ask for a favor anybody in your neighborhood.

Even if they can’t help you, they will call their friends or relatives to find the one who is able to help you. If you are fortunate enough to stay at an Armenian family’s home, then you’ll probably have the advantage to taste so many traditional meals and desserts like dolma, khorovats, gatabakhlava and other yummies. Armenian grannies will take care of you as you were their kid.

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