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5 Reasons to celebrate New Year in Armenia

New Year’s Eve comes only once a year, therefore it is necessary to make your holidays memorable.

Upcoming New Year’s Eve in Armenia promises to be one of the best ever. Armenian tour agencies offer the best holiday packages to visit Armenia.This country has all the necessary conditions for the celebration of Christmas and New Year .

If you need some reasons for planning trips to Armenia, here are five of them:

1․ Celebrating New Year’s Day in the traditional Armenian environment.

Christmas holidays in Armenia are considered to be unique and inimitable. There are  really some great and unusual customs followed by the people of Armenia, which makes the New Year very enthusiastic.Armenian cuisine is a special part of the New Year and you can certainly taste traditional Armenian dishes such as – Khash, Harissa, Dolma, Khorovats-(barbecue), and other delicious dishes.


2․ Free events and concerts in Yerevan

Concerts and dances are common on New Year’s Eve. During the Christmas holidays Yerevan is distinguished by its beautiful decorations, lights, music and also Armenian traditional dances which are the most interesting part of this screen.

3․ Favorable weather conditions in Armenia

Towards 2018, the weather will be warm in Yerevan and throughout Armenia. Warm winter days will help organize tours and excursions to the sights of the country.

4․ Armenia as a safe country

As one of the safest countries in Europe, crime in Armenia is at a very low level, and there is a low risk for travelers when it comes to pickpockets or threats. The Armenian people are polite and generous, and most of them like to help tourists.

5․ New Year tours in Armenia

Tour operators offer a variety of tours which are full  of  New Year and  Christmas events with visits to famous Armenian sights. You can celebrate the New Year both in Yerevan and other sights of Armenia such as –Etchmiadzin, Dilijan, Tsaghkadzor, Sevan, Jermuk, and other places in Armenia. Fans of sports and recreation can choose Tsaghkadzor and enjoy the ski resort of Armenia.

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