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5 Rules for Buying Perfect Flowers

Buying flowers is a whole ceremony as you step into a shop and find out that there are a variety of different flowers with different colors and odors.

We will help you to choose perfect flowers. All you need is to follow our 5 rules. Here they are:

  1. Long or short stems

It seems to be an overwhelming question: which stems to choose? Long ones or the short ones? Both stems are good, but you should choose either long or short stem. Remember the golden rule – never combine the long and the short stems.

2. Choosing a color scheme

Do you want red, white or green flowers? Choose the color of the flower and the similar colors to arrange a bouquet. Do not mess up too many colors.3. Odor

Try to understand whether you want a fragrant flower or just a decoration. If flowers are a gift then find out whether the person, whom you are going to present the flowers, has an allergy to the odor of the flowers.4. Arranging a bouquet, with or without a florist

When you are at a florist’s shop, you can trust the florist, but if there is no florist do not lose yourself, just choose the main flower, the secondary flower, and the green filler. Then mix the flowers and the fillers so that the heads of the flowers are nearly of the same height.To know which was was the last rule you can visit MonAmie.