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visit Armenia in 2022

7 Reasons Why should you visit Armenia in 2022

1. The breathtaking views you will see in Armenia are absolutely unforgettable! There are many ancient monasteries and historical sites to visit, all with stunning surroundings.

2. Armenia is a very safe country to travel in, with welcoming people who will be happy to help you out wherever they can.

3. Despite being a small country, Armenia has a lot to offer visitors – from its ski resorts in the winter to its stunningly beautiful lakes and rivers in the summer.

4. As a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States, travel to Armenia is very easy, with plenty of flights and bus connections available.

5. Armenians are proud of their culture and history, and you will get to learn a lot about both whilst in the country.

6. The food in Armenia is delicious, with a mix of eastern and western influences.

7. Finally, travel to Armenia is very affordable, meaning you can enjoy a fantastic trip without breaking the bank!