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I’ve been remembering my last visit to Armenia as if it happened yesterday! – Anthony Rahayel

I’ve been remembering my last visit to Armenia as if it happened yesterday!

A country of amazing discoveries, breathtaking scenery and unique people; Armenia, here I come again to discover more of your hidden beauties! I really can’t forget the discoveries, the people, traditional food, vibrant markets and rich history.

How can I forget the people: generous, welcoming, helpful and polite Armenians that will keep a mark in your heart. Here I come again for more… join me on a week of #endlessdiscoveries. Traveling to #Yerevan is easy; book a flight in Middle East Airlines which departs from Beirut airport at 06:30pm. I’m only two hours, you will land in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

In partnership with “Agobian Tours”, and thanks to Khatchig Agobian for his continuous support, we are back to Armenia. Khatchig has been investing in showing the world his beloved motherland; with no or very little support he has prepared the first trip and now the second for one and only reason: “show the world the true face of Armenia and invite #Armenians and tourists to visit”.

After eight days of discoveries and hard work, the videos are out for your eyes to enjoy. Watch them and plan your next trip to Armenia. In numbers: 1 car, 4 guys 8 Days 39 Locations visited 50 different dishes enjoyed 12,000 steps walked per day 132 Instagram posts shared 790 Instagram stories 1900 gigabytes of data This trip was made possible by #AgobianTours: Following last year’s success, we decided to also produce “Meshwar Armenia and Artsakh 2019”, a #videodocumentary related to #Armeniangastronomy and sightseeing attractions, knowing that it will serve best for promoting tourism.