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About the History Museum of Armenia

About the History Museum of Armenia

Museums are like guides through the time. Each of them keeps the trends of the times, the mystery of the era and just fragments of life that tell more than people themselves can tell at times…

Time and space are erased before anyone who finds himself in such a museum.

The History Museum of Armenia is not just artifact and history, it is a time frozen in the unique objects of antiquity, it is an era lived by a whole generation.

The museum and the Art Gallery of Armenia were founded in 1921. Together they make up a single museum complex. The location of the museum is Republic Square.

400,000 unique exhibits will appear in front of you in the museum. They echo with a certain period that the country was going through.

Archaeological relics which silently convey the acts of the people, their thoughts and experiences, ethnographic objects of everyday life, which describe, in the literal sense, the laws governing the development of a particular phenomenon or thing that has become a turning point in the history of the country- all this is the property of The History Museum of Armenia.

Travelling in time dates back to the Stone Age and continues to this day. Spiritual development of the people is evident through the formation of the culture of the people themselves. The early Christian period is also reflected in the museum exhibits.

The man built his cave dwellings in Armenia 800 thousand years ago. The stalls and stone weapons of the ancient man are imprinted in the museum with a huge collection of various artifacts.

The cultural significance of the museum is also restored thanks to jewellery which was miraculously preserved.

The period of Medieval Armenia is reflected in details in the halls allocated to the golden era of Armenia. Here, both household items and national dresses and symbols show the formation and flourishing of the whole nation. The vital activity of the people is vividly represented in the pavilion, where wartime is shown, as well as difficult post-war times.

Clothes of that time, rare books, personal belongings of some military figures – everything recreates the era, its way of life and its unique inner character.

New Armenia is a special place in the museum.

The whole of modernity, from numismatics to sculpture and architecture, brings us to a living world full of contrasts and impressions. There is something to think about and look at…

The National History Museum of Armenia is a kind of time machine that takes you not only from one hall to another, but also fills with energy and gives confidence to tomorrow.

A country that has such a rich history will prosper and live forever. The actions of the people are in its history, in its cultural heritage.

The museum is a living witness of the formation of the people.

History lives when it is honoured and known not only to one, but to all others.

Traditions are holy while people remember them…