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Advantages Of Being a Woman Driver in Armenia

It is no secret that driving can sometimes be stressful for some people, and although it gets one to places, they keep on doing that. However, there is a great amount of people who genuinely enjoy driving.

Driving in Armenia does not only mean getting from point A to point B or exploring the area, driving here is getting to know the locals, getting to know the culture and habits of the people slightly better and always knowing in the back of your mind that you are never lost.

As a woman especially, who enjoys the process landscapes changing rapidly in front of you, while being the boss of the wheel, you will experience a sea of advantages if driving in Armenia.

You will always get help

First of all, it is very recent that so many female drivers started to be seen among the streets of Armenia, now mainly in Yerevan, whereas only about 10 years ago you would spot very few women in front of the wheel. Although the capital does not surprise with its women drivers, still women have many advantages when it comes to driving.

Many men are happy to help women park, with tricky, sometimes narrow streets of Armenia. Whether it is a foreign woman who has years of driving experience, or a local newbie female driver, locals always go out of their way to explain and help with payment instructions and street rules of the city.

Whether you seek an adventure and want to explore the hidden parts of Armenia, or if you want a simple drive somewhere close to the capital, yet still feel far from the city noise, Enterprise has the perfect car for you, even if you have special requirements and many expectations from a vehicle. Our team will be happy to guide and help you pick your car, advice you on road conditions and sights.


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