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Гора Арагац, Армения

Adventure Holidays in Armenia

People in Armenia like to spend their holidays in different ways. Some of them like going out somewhere into the nature and making barbeque with family and friends. Some prefer swimming in Sevan Lake and resting on the beach. And of course there is a part of people, especially youth who like adventures and extreme. Here we offer some adventure activities in Armenia.

Hiking on mount Aragats

One of the best ways to find new friends, make memories and have awesome adventures is to climb the mount Aragats. Aragats is the favorite and most popular mountain of Armenia. It is currently the highest mountain of this country. It has 4 different peaks. The highest is the northern peak which is 4090 meters. Also on the southeastern slope of the mountain the Byurakan Observatory is located which is a favorite place of tourists and locals.
Hundreds of mountain lovers visit Armenia for climbing mount Aragats every year. Aragats is also a loved subject to create art about. A lot of historians, poets, painters, composers magnified Aragats in their works.

Bike trip

Roads in Armenia are often surrounded with great landscapes, mountains, forests. So taking a bike and riding it to an uncertain direction would be a perfect way to have adventure trips in Armenia. The nature is especially beautiful in summer and autumn when the trees are freshly green or have just changed the color of leaves. But be sure you are good at riding bikes because the roads are often in mountainous areas and it is quite dangerous to have control over your speed for a beginner.

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