Explore beautiful Armenia with Adventure tours

Extreme tourism in Armenia

Adventure tourism continuous growths in the world. It is a new relationship between culture and landscape.

Are adventurous, you like risks than Armenia will be your favourite country.


The most suitable four Rivers of the country: Dzoraget, Kazakh, Debed and Tartar which is the largest river of Artsakh, have what you’re looking for.

The river Dzoraget is 160 km far Yerevan, it is located in Lori province. The river has a 6th-degree of complexity for rafting. The last three rivers have a 3th-degree complexity level so they are suitable for people who are trying the first time want and have less experience.

The best time for the rafting is in summer and spring because during these seasons water level high and the area of the river allow earning beautiful sights.


The paragliding gives you unforgettable feelings in the blue sky and these emotions you can’t compare with other jumping or flying in the word.   Due to microclimates and the highland of Armenia, the flying season is quite long.

It starts in May and lasts until the end of November. Basically, flights are held on Hatis, Lake Sevan, Dilijan, Aparan, Vedi, Teghenis. Do not lose these emotions, adrenaline, and feel like a bird in the sky.

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