Armenia as a winter destination

It’s already winter and you wonder where to spend the winter holidays? The answer is – Armenia, a small country where you can go in any season and still get delighted.
So let’s start from the list of places to visit and winter tours to consider.


This cozy town is the most popular winter destination in Armenia. The elevation of Tsaghkadzor is quite high, that’s why even during the warm winters it’s covered with snow. This fact allows the town to possess winter sports infrastructures. Every year hundreds of sportsmen from around the world come to Tsaghkadzor to practice and prepare for tournaments. Tsaghkadzor is also full of the best hotels in Armenia. So if you want to ski, skate or take a cable car ride, pack your case and visit Tsaghkadzor. But if you are not fond of the active rest, don’t worry, you won’t get bored here. You can take part in different excursion programs, taste the delicious Armenian food and drinks.


Jermuk is another famous destination in Armenia. It’s more famous for its healing waters and is considered to be a medical center. The winters are so magical here that you feel yourself in the fairytale – surrounded by fir trees, snow, lights, and most importantly warm and friendly people. Jermuk is a perfect place to have fun with your friends, family or just yourself and a place where you can find peace and balance with nature.

Garni and Geghard

As winters are snowy in Armenia, most of the roads can be blocked, so you better organize winter tours to places near Yerevan, the capital city. Two of those places are Garni and Geghard. Garni is one of the most visited spots in Armenia. If you love cultural trips Garni will amaze you with its beauty. This village is first of all famous for the only preserved pagan temple in Armenia. This Hellenistic temple is no worse than the world-known Greek temples. In Garni, you can also taste lavash (Armenian national bread) baked in tannour (clay oven) and other traditional foods.
Geghard is a monastery complex not far from Garni. The architecture of the monastery is breathtaking and the surrounding nature is just mesmerizing. If you’re a fan of hiking, then you can hike from Garni to Geghard enjoying the view around.

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