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The sights of Armenia

Any country is inherently unique. Rituals, customs, language – almost nothing repeats in nature.

Armenia is one of the countries with an ancient history, a peculiar national color and a specific geographical location.
The spirit of time is felt in everything: on ancient monuments, in mysterious streets of cities, the appearance of houses, even sometimes – in the views of people …

Now the Republic of Armenia is a country of contrasts and unique natural splendor.

Any tour operator in Armenia will offer you an unforgettable route, which, of course, will remain in your memory for a long time.
If you travel to Armenia you will enjoy countless excursions to the back streets of history. Each place will tell its legend and a local resident will tell his secret story, bound by ties with the history of the country .

Armenia map is not only districts and cities but also Armenian soul and Armenian point of view …

The prices for tours in Armenia correspond to the offered package of services and always find a positive response from tourists.

Is it safe to travel to Armenia now? What places to visit are the most popular?

In order to answer these questions we offer some information.

Any journey should start from the capital. Yerevan is the capital with an ancient history.

King Argishti l founded the fortress-city Erebuni in 782 BC.

The inscription on the stone, found by scientists, told the story of the creation of the city of Yerevan.

The old city conveys national motifs with buildings and architectural appearance.

The new city is the design of streets, the external interior of the city and just the flavor of dishes that hovers in the air.

A bold combination of antiquity and modernism awaits anyone who simply walks around the city.

The city of Etchmiadzin is a center of gravity, a point in the universe where harmony is hovering in the air, and peace and quiet reign in the soul.
The temples of the city and its atmosphere remind us of old times and teach us to respect and honor the past. After all, only that person has a happy future that never forgets the lessons of the past.
Pigeons! There are a lot of them here, especially during the solemn events of the churches. Just remember: the dove is a symbol of hope and peace. And it was the dove that brought Noah an olive branch.

Garni and Geghard – these two pearls of history cannot be left without attention.
Once upon a time the rituals were held here and the severe laws reigned. And now, only in appearance, we can guess about the secrets that monastic complexes store.

In the fortress of Geghard there is a spear, which, according to popular beliefs, was pierced by Jesus on the cross. The monastery is included in the list of world cultural heritage. And the Garni temple is the only temple that survived the destruction from pagan temples in Armenia.
In Armenia, it was believed that the gods drank water from Lake Sevan. Therefore, this relic of nature in Armenia is still treated with a special feeling . Sevan is the place where all the conditions for relaxation and harmony with nature are created.

The monastery complex Tatev has its own special history. Tourists here have expanse and immersion in the mysterious history of Armenia. The cable car is a symbol of these places. The longest cable car in the world has been operating since 2010.
In recent years, extreme tourism has been developing rapidly in Armenia.
In Enokavan, Yeghvard and also in Sevan paragliding lovers can taste the feeling of flying and experience themselves as a bird hovering over fields, meadows and the tranquil space of the universe. Your flight will be filmed on the camera, so you and then could boast of your adventure in the sky. You will see Armenia different, from a height and with a sinking spirit!

In the Tavush region you will also find a dizzying descent along the steel rope. Zip-line travel is adrenaline and powerful energy at the same time. Thrills are guaranteed!

In short, Armenia will open to everyone what he expects …
Is Armenia in Europe? You can ask after all…

The famous Armenian proverb says: “He knows more, not the one who lived longer, but the one who went further”

So, if you come to the country, you will understand the essence of the proverb and answer all your questions about the magnificent ancient country of Armenia …

From Matenadaran to Sanahin, from the Cascade to Tsitsernakaberd, from Khor Virap to Republic Square in Yerevan, from the Zvartnots Temple to the Singing Fountains in the capital, everywhere you feel winged and free ….
After all, Armenia is a country of space, free will and bright mind.

We want you to see this country exactly like this …