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Armenian cuisine — dishes and feautures

According to legend Noah’s Ark still stands on Mount Ararat. You can go in search of him. Even if you do not find it, you will meet with one of the most ancient cultures of Transcaucasia, because Armenia as a state has already formed in the VI. BC. However, then a lot of things happened. And the Arabs conquered it, and the Mongols, and the Turks, and the Iranians. Heavy times were. But, despite this the Armenians preserved their culture and, accordingly, the national cuisine, too.

Hot, with a smoke and character, hospitable and quick-tempered is the Armenian cuisine. It contains centuries-old culinary traditions of the most ancient people of the world. Horovac, kyufta, basturma, bozbash, suzhuh – strong names which reflect the strong-willed features of men and the wisdom of women of Armenian nationality.

About 7 million Armenians live in the world.

About national Armenian cuisine?

First of all, the main secret isin the preservation of traditions. If the French and the Greeks are constantly in search of new culinary ideas, in Armenia people are sure that the best is checked by time. Many families have preserved the old kitchen utensils, which are passed from generation to generation as the most convenient, reliable and high-quality.

Perhaps, this is due to the fact that it is not so easy to prepare a national dish of Armenian cuisine. Many recipes recommend preparing each product separately from others, and only then mix everything in one bowl. Great attention is given to whipping and stuffing.

Dishes of traditional Armenian cuisine

The national Armenian cuisine uses an impressive variety of meat products. Since the people themselves from time immemorial engaged in a herding business and grew a lot of domestic animals, the traditions are ingrained and deeply entered the culinary history of Armenia.

National dishes of Armenian cuisine are prepared from cows, different breeds of sheep, pigs, oxen, turkeys, ducks, geese, chickenwith the addition of spices, which are so popular all over the place: coriander, tarragon, mint, basil, black pepper and ground, garlic, onion, thyme. Thanks to spices, the dishes acquire a characteristic sharp taste and national flavour.

You can find a huge amount of delicious flavoured cheeses in Armenia. The national Armenian Chechel cheese is sold in the usual and smoked version.

Features of Armenian national cuisine

In the Caucasus they love and know how to eat deliciously, but Armenians are especially anxious about preparing their national dishes. And this process is usually complicated and time-consuming. Take, for example, kyufta. The meat for it is beaten to a puree state, and then cooked in broth. A traditionaltolma – chopped lamb in the grape leaves.

And it’s not too lazy to spend so much time and energy, fry the numerous ingredients, boil and pass through a meat grinder, make a mistake with boiling water, grind and crush it all to add one dish and get something deliciously tasty, fragrant and tender.

And fragrant, by the way, because in Armenia they know and appreciate spices, herbs.

The main thing here is the ratio of the components used. Onion, for example, is added to almost all dishes and in significant quantities, while garlic is more moderate, and more in pickled, not fresh.

Visit Armenia… for its food!

True, and not challenge the ability to masterfully cook lamb. Yes, with vegetables: with eggplants, tomatoes, cabbage, beans, potatoes. Greens, again… You can try matsun with garlic.

Everything you will try in Armenia is unforgettable…

You remember the taste and always want to return and try again.

The soul of the nation is in the cuisine too. And it is a true reality.