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armenian camp

Armenian camp or “the other side of Lake Sevan”

It’s Saturday and we are on the road again.

way armeniaThis time our target was at once two initiatives:

Armenian camp,

Sailing trips in great Sevan։

“The black ship”

Before reaching the point, we were mistakenly found in a “black ship”, which I later discovered with shame that it was legendary “Kilikia” sailboat.


It is a historically prominent boat, the construction of which lasted for 10 years (1991-2001). It was built by the copy of the 13th-century Armenian commercial ships.


The ship “Kilikia” sailed 15 thousand marine miles, being in 64 ports of 26 European and Mediterranean basins.

Now it is located near Lake Sevan Artanish peninsula, probably waiting for its next triumph …


Armenian camp

We went to Armenian camp at Varduhi’s invitation։


Varduhi coordinates the activities of the camp.

She told us about the background, principles and plans of the camp.

Seven years ago, they set up four houses in this deserted and stony area, then started to improve, buy sailboats, and adjust the area to people with disabilities.



The rooms, trails, and even the sports equipment are comforted for disabled. you will rarely meet something like this in Sevan.


Now there are several cottages with all their amenities, a canteen, which can accommodate up to 50 people simultaneously,

armenian-camp-kitchenentertainment zone.


This initiative has been created through a homonymous social organization and has a social and charitable focus, even the prices are charitable.?

It is also possible to put tents in the area,

camp-lake-sevanmake a bonfire and spent the night in the woods.



The Artanish peak of Artanish peninsula has a height of 2460 meters and divides the Big and Small Sevan. Artanish was a great surprise for us.


The shore of the lake has an unusual charm here.


Here is the only plastic port in Sevan, which also has great ecological significance besides the comfort.


We met various sailing boats, but this is about the next section.

Sailing Trips on Lake Sevan

In parallel with the above-mentioned initiative, with the help of Samvel Rostomyan, master of sports, many trips on sailboats on Great Sevan are organized for both local and foreign guests.


This part of Sevan is very convenient for various sailing sports, as there are many winds, but unfortunately, this potential is not yet fully discovered for fans of such sports.


Red Pepper

Red pepper sailboat can accept 6 people, the maximum speed is 20 km / h, which is quite fast on the water.


It is possible to ride in the Big Sevan (also across the whole Sevan) by this boat.

Also, the development of various sailing boats is actively promoted. Frequently, training and competitions are organized here, even with foreign guests.



In September, for example, the group arrives from Russia.

Varduhi informed us that last week, the Bike camp was there with a team of 20 people.

It is possible to enjoy various sports, such as sailing, windsurfing, skateboarding, riding …



This part of Sevan has little attendance, as opposed to the Sevan peninsula, but to tell you the truth attractiveness is also different, there is something exotic here.


Here you will find sailing camps and sailing weekends, by the way the entrance is open for anyone. boat-sevan-lake

Here you can relax in a cabin or tent, deal with various water sports, as well as learn to navigate through different vehicles. Skilled sports master and captain Sam and his crew will help you.


This is indeed the opposite and yet undiscovered part of Lake Sevan, which we can hardly find in one visit or even a few visits, but in any case the start is given.


Thanks to Varduhi and the captain Samvel for accepting and sharing their achievements and projects with us.

I’ll be back ? :

We advise you to visit this part of Sevan, and you will not have shortage of interesting scenes and entertainment.

So, visit Armenia camp and#enjoy_Armenia.

From the other side of Sevan 

Gor Karapetyan