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Armenian cuisine – Top Dishes you must try in Armenia

It is impossible to immerse oneself in Armenian culture and not try Armenian national dishes. Armenian national cuisine is as ancient as the history of Armenia. Armenian cuisine reflects the traditions and the history of ancient Armenia.
The most astounding thing about Armenian food is that it is still organic. That’s why tourists visiting Armenia just can’t stop eating our fruit and vegetables as they are all natural, juicy and tasty and the smell of apricots, peaches or tomatoes won’t leave you indifferent.
Our cuisine is a combination of different tastes and aromas, various spices, vegetables, fish and meat. The cuisine here is so rich and varied that it will satisfy the tastes and preferences of any tourist.

10 Armenian Must-Try Dishes

Armenian dishes are famous for their special taste and spicy flavors. The most popular dishes are made of meat. The most important and special dish of every Armenian table is the barbecue/khorovats.


Tourists never leave Armenia without tasting famous Armenian barbecue or khorovats as locals call it. It is made with pork, lamb, beef or chicken in the addition of different species and served with traditional Armenian “Lavash”.

Armenian barbecue is completely different from American one; it’s usually made of big cuts of pork, not ground beef, and it is cooked on hot coals after burning a wood fire. Before barbecuing the meat, Armenians   սsually barbecue eggplants, green pepper and tomato.

Lavash – Traditional Armenian Bread

Armenian cuisine is quite popular with its traditional bread called lavash. It is flat, thin and soft bread that is baked in an underground clay oven called ‘tonir’ and can be dried and kept for quite a long time. It is the most widespread bread in Armenia and no festive table can be imagined without lavash.

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