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Armenian Cuisine – The best reason to visit Armenia

Armenia possesses a unique geographical location that has worked best in favor of its culinary presence!

Armenian cuisine is the oldest cuisine in the Caucasus if formed about two thousand years ago. Everything from pickles to rice is worth tasting. Armenian tables will always be full not only with different dishes but also with their hearts’ warmth. They insist on preparing the dishes themselves using organic and fresh ingredients, and they focus on healthy and beneficial components. Here’s what you must-try during your stay in Armenia.


Real water drinkers know that not all water tastes the same. Well, the taste of water in Armenia is addictive, it is considered one of the purest and the most delicious water in the world. The water is so clean that you can open any tap in the house and drink directly from it, no need for boiling or filtering. You will also find 2750 “Pulpulak”, small water fountains, scattered around Yerevan city.


Lavash is the Armenian’s bread specialty, they prepare it in unique underground clay ovens called “Tonir”. The traditional bread is thin and soft and is present during every meal, in every house and restaurant. Lavash is among the world’s best breads. Lavash symbolizes life and wisdom since in ancient battles, this bread was distributed to the soldiers to keep them from starvation.

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