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Karahunj. The mystery of the Armenian Stonehenge

Karahunj. The mystery of the Armenian Stonehenge

In 2010, in September, the famous University of Oxford and the Royal Geographical Society conducted research in Armenia. The place that interested them was called Karahunj.

The expedition was organized by the astrophysicist, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences from Oxford Mihran Vardanyan. His task was to check the existing research of the monument and create modern 3D maps of this monument of architecture. According to the scientist Karahunj is one of the most ancient observatories in the world.

About Karahunj

Stone circles, which form the basis of the Karahunj, are of a mystical nature and require detailed study. Like Stonehenge in England, this place in Armenia is subject to skepticism in the sense that it once had an astronomical purpose.

A common theory of the meaning of the Karahunj says that there were ancient tombs or a necropolis. It is believed that Karahunj served as a bridge between heaven and earth in the constant journey of the soul along the circle of life, death and rebirth.

This idea leaves no doubt, and studies of the central circle showed that, in its essence, Karahunj  is directed towards the sun, and also the connection of the monument with the moon as with the heavenly body is visible. Also undeniable, according to scientists, is the fact that Karahunj is coordinated with certain stars and planets. Evidence of this – small holes drilled through the monoliths and looking at the horizon. They make this monument special among many other masterpieces of ancient architecture.

Karahunj: Sisian

Karahunj is located near the city of Sisian. The territory is mostly spacious and flat, and this, apparently, was the reason that the inhabitants of these regions were engaged in agriculture.

And, of course, thanks to this fact, the Sisian Plain has been inhabited since time immemorial. The very name “Karaunj” is translated from Armenian as “sounding stones”.

There is another name for this masterpiece of ancient architecture. “Zorats Karer” – this is how the second version sounds in Armenian. Translated this phrase as “stones of power”

The mystery of Karahunj

A clear designation of the monument has not   been determined yet.

So what is Karahunj on the current day? There is a hypothesis that Karahunj was a kind of cemetery, where you could see the way of the man exists after his death.

Some scholars claim that ancient gods were worshiped here and that Karahunj was a place of worship of pagan religion. Most of the versions in the science say that Karahunj was an ancient observatory. The residents explored the heavenly bodies, predicted human destinies and saw the things others were inaccessible and incomprehensible for.

And, perhaps, everything that is proved by the science of the Karahunj is true? The monument is one, and the destinations are several? Karahunj  is a reliable fact that the inhabitants of these places were distinguished by outstanding intellectual abilities. Our ancestors left us a riddle. And, perhaps, if we get to the truth, we will comprehend the secrets of the universe…

Karahunj will reveal to everyone what he hopes to see there. Stone slabs silently store what they saw.

And we just have to listen and learn.