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Armenian-Swiss Conference on Rural Tourism in Armenia

In 2018, from October 19 to 24, a group of experts will arrive in Armenia from Switzerland at the invitation of the “Miasin” (Together) Foundation.

Armenian-Swiss-Conference-on-Rural-Tourism-in-ArmeniaThe group of experts consists of the head of the Geneva Grand Saconne Community, the representative of the International UNO Office for Employment in Geneva, the Executive Director of Tourism For Help, the leader of Green Employment and Sustainable development and many others.

The main purpose of their visit is to enhance participatory practices in the Armenian communities for the development of integrated rural tourism.

Armenian-Swiss-Conference-on-Rural-Tourism-in-ArmeniaaOn October 19-22 the Swiss delegation will join the interested Armenian partners in several provinces (Proshyan, Voskevaz, Dilijan, Haghartsin, Kalavan, Drakhtik …) to get acquainted on the spot and discuss the local potential.

The results of these works are intended to be summarized and discussed at the UN Yerevan office on October 23, at 9 PM, having a title “Social and Consistent Economy for the Rural Tourism Development in Armenia.”

You are invited! Entrance is free, but registration is required.