Armenian Traditional musical Instruments

Musical instruments

Armenian musical instruments play an important part of the country’s culture. There are numerous national instruments in Armenian music since the antiquity.

Most of these musical instruments have been adding to the harmony of the traditional and folk Armenian music, and have been used by musicians for many years.

Most of these instruments originate from the ancient Armenian music or from the folk tradition. Here, we will present to you the most national and commonly used ones.


Duduk symbolizes the history of Armenia and music tells us about Armenian people.

Duduk Armenian musical instruments were made from apricot wood. Due to tree quality, duduk has high quality which is so important for musical instruments. The making process of duduk lasts more than half a year. UNESCO recognized duduk and the music of duduk one of the Masterpieces of Intangible Heritage.


Zurna has a double reed made of a flattened cane on a metal pin. It is also very popular in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Zurna is made of apricot wood and has eight finger holes. Because music of zurna is loud, it is used for active and cheerful melodies.

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