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wedding decoration armenia


How do you imagine your wedding? Romantic, fun, stylish, modern … Any atmosphere can be created with the help of details. Everything from the decoration of wedding glasses to the bride’s garter creates a mood. Therefore: the desire to make a wedding special + wedding decorations from Mon Amie = a magnificent wedding and enthusiastic guests.

Wedding accessories, decoration, and flowers in Armenia

In our online store, you can buy any wedding accessories: wedding glasses, costume jewelry for the bride, garters, invitations, car decorations other trifles. To make your dream of a magnificent wedding a reality, we have collected a huge collection of accessories for the wedding.

For brides who are looking for something special, we can offer exclusive handmade decorations and Armenian wedding accessories. Designed by our designers, they are unique and inimitable. Many wedding decorations exist in a single copy!

Do you want to hold a themed holiday or arrange a wedding in a certain color? For us, nothing is impossible. Just tell us your idea, and we will make suitable wedding trifles of excellent quality.

In our wedding shop, there is a really huge choice. We always have something new and unique. In addition, we are constantly updating the range of wedding paraphernalia. Most of the wedding decorations, accessories and flowers you won’t find in any other wedding salon in Armenia.

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