The places where you can watch a movie in Yerevan

Moscow cinema

For every tripper who goes to a city for a vacation, it’s essential to verify places that can enliven your rest. One of the most requisite sites where viators can resort is the picture theater.  Currently, five movie houses function in Yerevan: two picture theaters are located in shopping centers. We propose you valuable info about movie houses in Yerevan. Where to watch motion pictures in Armenia Moscow Cinema Moscow is one of the oldest picture theaters built in 1936 in Yerevan on Abovyan Street.  Now there are four halls in the movie house (red,…

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5 Things to do During Winter in Armenia

Looking for some bright adventures for your winter holidays? Then we are offering you some winter attractions and at least 5 activities that you should be part of. There are so many amazing places to visit in Armenia; Dilijan, Gyumri, Sevan, Kapan and other cities. During the wintertime, the temperature ranges from -15C (5F) in the mountainous regions to -4C (39,2F) in the pale regions. There is plenty of snow and it’s way too chilly as well. Pack your suitcase with some warm clothes, buy a ticket to Yerevan, rent…

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Armenian National Winter Soup: Khash

Can you imagine leaving Italy without tasting famous Italian pasta and pizza. No?! The same is with Armenian Khash. Starting from early September, Armenians begin to remind each other that the season of Khash is already open and it’s time to gather around the winter soup. If you ask Armenians the best time for tasting Khash, probably everyone will reply “all months, the names of which contain letter ‘R’”; it means that you can eat khash starting from September till April. These are chilled and wintery months in Armenia. Origins…

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Interesting facts about flowers

facts about flowers

Flowers are a direct confirmation of the fact that beauty is able to overshadow all the riches of the world. Probably everyone admires the flowers, and the Master, who designs flowers with his own hands, especially has special feelings for them. How much do we know about flowers? Mon Amie flowers boutique has prepared the most amazing and interesting facts about flowers so that you can immerse yourself even more in the amazing floral world and learn some of its mysteries. Top 13 facts about flowers 1. Despite the fact…

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Where are the Best Places to Park in Yerevan?


The perfect way to delve into Armenia is by renting a car. It gives you a great choice and freedom to take your time and really fine tune your itinerary. However, parking is going to take a focal part during your trip. Here you will find tips on parking in Yerevan and how to get away from parking penalties. Parking in Yerevan Many paid areas for parking exist in Yerevan. If you spot red-marked sidelines on the street, it means that there are paid parking areas. So make sure to…

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Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Armenia


If you wish to experience ancient culture and picturesque landscapes, along with warm and open local people, Armenia is the perfect place to visit for your next travels. Visiting Armenia, the so called open-air museum and one of the most ancient countries of the world, you will enjoy the most delicious and organic fruits and vegetables and taste yummy Armenian traditional cuisine, discover breath-taking Christian monasteries and churches, explore Armenian culture during the day and enjoy modern Yerevan at nights. There are hundreds of reasons to travel in Armenia but…

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The Great Silk Road and ancient civilization of Armenia

Trade Silk Road

The civilizational endowment of Armenia to the Great Silk Road was determined by the export of its own materials and products, importation of goods, their conveyance to other countries, partaking in international money circulation, maintenance and shield of trade pathways. Discover the Great Silk Road Great Armenia, which included Sofena, Little Armenia, and from the 1st century BC, part of Cilicia, at the junction of commerce passages between the West and the East, initially occupied an advantageous geographical position, which contributed to the upgrowth of political, cultural and economic bonds with…

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Customer service – a way of life at Enterprise

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia is considered one of the most reputable rent a car service in Armenia and one of the most recognized transportation providers in the world having 7200 locations in more than 70 countries all over the world. Enterprise is now a household name for frequent travelers, road trippers and those with a car in the shop. It’s a brand that’s recognized as a worldwide leader in the car rental industry. It values employees and customers as much as a member of the family. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia offers the…

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The most long-living flowers

long-living flowers

Naturally, there are unpretentious plants that will delight with their beauty for a long time without much effort, but you will still have to pay a bit of attention to most types of flowers so that they please you as much as possible. In this article, we will tell you about the long-living flowers that will stand for a long time in a vase. Rating of the long living flowers Best long-lasting roses You will probably think that roses are generally the most capricious in this regard. Yes, it is.…

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Best Way for Renting a Car in Armenia


If you plan to visit Armenia and explore its nature and tourist destinations, the best way to get around is by renting a car in Armenia. Driving in Armenia is considered quite safe. Basically, roads in Armenia are in good condition. It has well-paved roads for the most part, unless you enter smaller villages where there are some challenging areas. Travelcar Rental Agency will be your best companion throughout Armenian roads. Renting with Travelcar is easy and quick. Rent one of our comfortable cars while you are traveling to Yerevan…

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