Barbecue Festival 2018 Armenia – Feel the taste of Armenia!

Armenia is the best place to taste the most delicious barbecue ever. Armenians are addicted to barbecue and it is a unique tradition for them to make this dish.

Barbecue VS Khorovats

Armenians have their own name for the dish known as barbecue, it is – “Khorovats”, which means “roast”. Khorovats is made on “manghal”: it is a grilling apparatus that works with the flaming coals of fire made out of wood. In contrast, barbecue can be made in the oven.

The tradition of Khorovats making

It came from the ancient times that man is responsible for food, so they went hunting and brought meat, then prepared it on fire (in order woman was not hurt). Traditionally Armenian men are responsible for Khorovats making and they put their whole energy and love into this work.

Armenian barbecue recipe

For Armenian Khorovats Preparation you will need:

1. Meat (pork)

To marinate the meat, you will need

1. Onions,

2. black, red pepper

3. dried basil (greens)

4. Salt

Khorovats is served with Armenian Lavash and onion. Help Yourself to the tastiest Khorovats!

Barbecue Festival Armenia

During this tasty festival, you will learn the secrets of making the tastiest Khorovats. The festival will interest also traditional music and dance lovers who will have a great time while eating the best barbecue in the world.

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