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Yerevan, Republic Square

Most interesting sightseeing places to visit in Yerevan

The buildings of Yerevan were built of volcanic stones of various shades of pink!

So Yerevan got the nickname “Pink City”, sometimes it is called the city of stones. Yerevan is a developed city with modern architecture, cultural centers, museums, and monuments. You should definitely devote at least a full day or more to explore the main attractions of this beautiful city!

What to do in Yerevan in summer? Here are interesting sightseeing places to visit in Yerevan, especially in summer. Where to relax and how to spend the summer in Armenia, we will talk in our review.

Yerevan sightseeing tours in summer

We will talk about Yerevan tours and travel and where to go and what to do in Yerevan in summer.

Cascade is one of the symbols of Yerevan, known far beyond its borders. Endless stairways, rushing up to the monument of Reborn Armenia, decorated with flowers, waterfalls, art objects.

Yerevan Cascade was built in the 70s of the 20th century. Later, with the help of a patron of the arts, an American with Armenian roots, Gerard Cafesjian was made an art gallery inside Cascade, and outside are shown works of modern masters, such as the sculpture “Black Cat” by Fernando Botero. Be sure to go inside, take a ride on the escalator and visit the galleries.

If you climb to the very top, you can see the whole city, in full view, and in good weather, Ararat is clearly visible.

Opera House and Freedom Square are favorite resting place of citizens. The square is surrounded by a park and Swan Lake. Near a lot of outdoor cafes, kids ride roller skates, old people talk sitting on a bench – a nice atmosphere.

Matenadaran is a museum of ancient manuscripts. It is one of the world’s largest repositories of ancient manuscripts. Now there are more than 17 thousand manuscripts and more than 2 thousand old books: works of philosophers, mathematicians, geographers and the greatest minds of the time – a treasure of knowledge! The museum building is clearly visible from the northern part of the city. It towers on a hill at the end of Mesrop Mashtots street – the creator of the Armenian alphabet.

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