Driving Rules And Driving Tips In Armenia

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Everything You Need To Know About Driving In Armenia Hiring a car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia is one of the best ways to explore Armenia. Instead of being tied to a tour group’s schedule, having your own car allows you the freedom to take your time, make stops and really fine tune your itinerary. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia offers you the best choice of vehicles to start your trip in Armenia. Driving in Armenia can differ from other countries, so before your start your road trip in Armenia, review the driving…

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Some Major Highways In Armenia

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When having a trip in Armenia on your own without a guide or someone who knows the country it is important to know the transportation infrastructure in Armenia, some main directions and regions where you can have beautiful adventures. If you are choosing to drive through different regions and see many new cities and places it would be considerate to have a car of your own. No worries if you don’t have one, you can easily rent a car at Enterprise Rent-A-Car with your preferred price and details. So you…

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Celebrating Easter in Armenia in 2019

The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Easter – Holy Christ’s Resurrection – on the next Sunday after the full moon from March 21st to April 26th. Ancient spiritual Sharakans sound in the temples and traditional Easter tables are laid in the houses of believers. Easter in Armenia The feast of Holy Resurrection is also called Easter, which means deliverance, deliverance from sins and returns to God. Easter is considered to be one of the greatest holidays of the Old and the New Testament. Easter celebration in Armenia The night before Easter…

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About the History Museum of Armenia

About the History Museum of Armenia Museums are like guides through the time. Each of them keeps the trends of the times, the mystery of the era and just fragments of life that tell more than people themselves can tell at times… Time and space are erased before anyone who finds himself in such a museum. The History Museum of Armenia is not just artifact and history, it is a time frozen in the unique objects of antiquity, it is an era lived by a whole generation. The museum and…

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Yerevan Jazz Festival 2018 – Armenian Jazz Events

Jazz is a music genre originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans. Yerevan Jazz Festival is an annual festival dedicated to Jazz and is meant to honor the presence of Jazz in our life. Yerevan Jazz Festival is organized with the help of Armenian Jazz Association and Mezzo Production. Last year’s Yerevan Jazz Festival 2017 was dedicated to Avedis Zildjian who is the founder of famous cymbal manufacturer Zildjian Company. Armenian Jazz and Jazz Festival Armenia is a cultural country and it was not surprising that here are the…

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