Things to Do in Yeghegnadzor (Armenia)

Եղեգնաձորի տեսարժան վայրերը

As the locals say, Yeghegnadzor is the center of Armenia, really when you look at the map it is like that. Yeghegnadzor highway connecting Syunik region և Artsakh Republic. Geography: The city spreads on the right and left banks of the Arpa River, in the north it merges with the villages of Gladzor և Vernashen. History: Yeghegnadzor is one of the ancient settlements of the Armenian highlands. This is evidenced by the findings of the tomb excavated in the northeastern part of the city. According to historical sources, Yeghegnadzor was…

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Armenian winter recreational activities


On December 21-22, the Tourism Committee of the Ministry of Economy of Armenia organized a cognitive visit for about two dozen local media representatives to reveal and present Armenia’s winter tourism potential. Day one: “Armenian Siberia” The first stop was in Ashotsk, at the Mikayelyan Ski Center, which was built with EU funding. The ski center is right next to the racetrack. It is very compact and comfortable; it consists of several halls – 4 bedrooms, which can accommodate 14-15 athletes, а kitchen, and а restroom. The furnishing is very…

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A Success story from Dilijan, “Papanio House”

Դիլիջանի տեսարժան վայրերը

This time we have visited the town of Dilijan, or, “The Armenian Switzerland”, as we like to brag about it. It has been the main meeting place of cinematographers, composers, artists and writers during the Soviet era. They were creating art right here as nature helped, and sometimes even made them to. Today it is one of the most active touristic centers in Armenia, unique with its beautiful and comfortable hotels and spectacularly colorful landmarks. 7+ Attractions of Dilijan Before proceeding to our main story, let’s count down a couple…

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Along seven mountains – “At the Tatoyan Mill”


Before submitting my new story, I suggest getting acquainted with our previous posts. Kalavan – The big miracle of the small village Things to do in Gyumri for 5 hours Rafting in Armenia – the Success of Conquering river Debed Armenian camp or “the other side of Lake Sevan” Yerevan Zipline Airlines – 60 Seconds of Excitement and Surprise Lernanist – New center of winter tourism in Armenia Treasures of Vayots Dzor or “Armenian Tanzania” Our new “discovery”                                               I heard that somewhere on the shores of Lake Sevan there is…

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Yerevan Zipline Airlines – 60 Seconds of Excitement and Surprise

Зиплайн в Армении

If Armenia is a mysterious treasure island, then we are greedy pirates who are looking for endless adventures. Indeed, we still have so many interesting activities to discover, but the time is still enough for us. There are about a dozen initiatives and success stories. So follow us in the future too. And now let us tell you about our latest “discovery”. Yerevan Zipline Airlines This time we received an invitation from Yerevan Zipline Airlines: it is the only zip line in Yerevan. It was built in 2017 and it was officially…

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Armenian camp or “the other side of Lake Sevan”

armenian camp

It’s Saturday and we are on the road again. This time our target was at once two initiatives: Armenian camp, Sailing trips in great Sevan։ “The black ship” Before reaching the point, we were mistakenly found in a “black ship”, which I later discovered with shame that it was legendary “Kilikia” sailboat. It is a historically prominent boat, the construction of which lasted for 10 years (1991-2001). It was built by the copy of the 13th-century Armenian commercial ships. The ship “Kilikia” sailed 15 thousand marine miles, being in 64…

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Rafting in Armenia – the Success of Conquering river Debed

рафтинг в армении

#Enjoy_Armenia, with this slogan (and hashtag ?), we are travelling through Armenia, discovering our wonderful country, interesting places and initiatives for our readers. We have been in Kalavan, Gyumri and Drakhtik. While looking for interesting travel activities on the internet, among many other ideas we found the Armenia initiative. First, what is rafting? Rafting – a rowing boat in the direction of mountain rivers with groups of 4-20 people in the rubber boat. It is a relatively new emerging sport in Armenia and a destination for extreme tourism. Thanks…

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23 Must attend Festivals and Events in Armenia 2018 [Updating]

Armenia is a mysterious land and it needs to be discovered. Festivals and events are the best way to know more about Armenia, people living in Armenia, Armenian customs and traditions, the way people act and feel and what not can be discovered! 1. Snow Art Festival Snow art festival also known as Snowman 2018 is held in Jermuk, Vayots Dzor, during February 17-18. This festival is a fantastic time to discover your talents. During the festival, people make different figures out of snow and have fun. 2. International Jazz Day Lovers…

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18 Best places to visit in Armenia

Armenia is a holy land full of sightseeing. Once you are in Armenia it is absolutely necessary to visit the places represented below. Here are 18 must-see places of Armenia.  1. Tatev monastery, wings of Tatev Tatev Monastery goes back to the 9th-century. It is an Armenian Apostolic church which is situated in Syunik Province in southeastern Armenia. Wings of Tatev is a famous cableway which is 5.7 km (3.5 mi). It is considered to be the longest reversible aerial tramway. 2.   Yerevan Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is considered…

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Hartak Festival 2018 Gyumri, Armenia

“Hartak” is a two-day festival of exchanging experience. It is a great chance to both share and gain knowledge through workshops, speeches of non-formal type and so on. About “Hartak” Festival The non-formal and creative environment helps people both share their own knowledge and get knowledge from the other speakers. This year, in 2018 the central theme is going to be social entrepreneurship and good business models. “Hartak” Festival 2018 This year, in 2018, “Hartak” Festival is going to take place on July 7-8 in Gyumri, the cultural capital of Armenia. This year…

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