National Army day 2019 in Armenia


Annually, on January 28, Armenia celebrates the public holiday of all the servicemen of the Armenian armed forces: this interesting holiday is known as Armenian Army Day. NATIONAL ARMY DAY: HISTORY In 1991, by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the State Committee of Defense was established and on December 5, by the order of the President of the Republic of Armenia, Vazgen Sargsyan became the Minister of Defense. In 1992, on January 28 a historic decision was made “On the Defense of the Republic of Armenia”,…

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Lernanist. New Winter Tourism Center in Armenia

Our first destination in 2019 was Lernanist village, Kotayk province. There are about a dozen places to visit soon and the number is constantly growing. We together with our readers are going to have a very long and interesting year. So follow us. I also recommend getting acquainted with some of our previous posts: Kalavan – The big miracle of the small village Things to do in Gyumri for 5 hours Rafting in Armenia – the Success of Conquering river Debed Armenian camp or “the other side of Lake Sevan”…

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How do they celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in Armenia?

February is the last month of winter. And it depends only on the person himself whether he will fall into hibernation and, as a result, into a seasonal depression or will actively spend winter months and receive a charge of energy for the whole year. Anyone who wants to learn more about the customs and traditions of the country that first adopted Christianity, we invite to visit Armenia. TRNDEZ AND ST. VALENTINE’S DAY IN ARMENIA One of the most beloved holidays is February 14 – a wonderful combination of the Armenian holiday…

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Christmas tree in Yerevan, Armenia 2018/2019


In 2018 December 21 the lights of the new Christmas tree of Yerevan (the capital of Armenia) were lit. The sum spent on the main Christmas tree of Yerevan municipality became a hot topic for discussion. The price of the Christmas tree is $144.000 and it includes the transfer, 1500 toys, more than 200 km lights. The branches of the Christmas tree are 35 meters plus 2 meters at the top. In all the countries of the world, Christmas trees are already settled down. The European Best Destinations made a…

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What places should you visit in 2019? by Luxury Travel Mag


Armenia is one of the most ancient states of the world, which has deep historical roots and has survived to the present day. The history of Armenia begins from time immemorial. Over these millennia, Armenians have repeatedly lived all the various positions, ranging from able states to the brink of complete destruction. It is not known by what principle, but the fact is that these very people were chosen for the most complicated historical scenario – full of events, evil surprises, and dead ends. Armenia has one of the oldest…

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Symphony of Stones, Garni Gorge

Garni Gorge is very popular among tourists visiting this place to see the natural rocks of amazing beauty, which are known as the “Symphony of Stones” or “Basalt organ”. The rocks have the appearance of long vertical pillars of hexagonal shape, which is associated with the church organ. Huge stone pillars are located at a height of about 50 meters above the ground. It is assumed that the “Symphony of Stones” is the result of the collapse of volcanic rocks, which are not excluded today. In this regard, it is…

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Spend your Christmas holidays in Armenia

Armenia is the first nation to accept Christianity, so Armenians stay true to the first date chosen for Christmas. The good news about the birth of Christ is celebrated in the Armenian churches with a special care and love.  Let’s learn more about Christmas in Armenia. Armenian Christmas date Armenians celebrate Christmas on January 6 unlike the rest of the world (at the beginning of the 4th century, the Roman church moved Christmas to December 25th). The feast in Armenia begins on January 5 at 17:00 and lasts until midnight. Armenian…

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Armenian New Year Ancient Traditions


Armenians are one of the most ancient peoples of the world. And the celebration of the New Year among Armenians also has too many traditions. According to some Armenian ethnographers, the New Year in the Armenian tradition is a symbol of the renewal and rethinking of the past. The ancient Armenians had a very interesting and thoughtful cycle of New Year’s customs and beliefs, some of which are still preserved in Armenian villages. The new year was considered and is considered an opportunity to start all over again, to rethink the mistakes…

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Armenia Travel Blog for Filipinos

Armenia – a land full of boundless skies and magnificent history, where everyone is ready to welcome you with the warm hospitability. If you are a Filipino and if you are going to visit Armenia, we have good news for you: here is a guide which will help you to make your visit to Armenia easier. Armenia travel blog for Filipino Here we are going to represent to your attention some questions concerning Armenia for Filipinos. How much does it cost to go to Armenia for Filipino Armenia is not…

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