Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Armenia


If you wish to experience ancient culture and picturesque landscapes, along with warm and open local people, Armenia is the perfect place to visit for your next travels. Visiting Armenia, the so called open-air museum and one of the most ancient countries of the world, you will enjoy the most delicious and organic fruits and vegetables and taste yummy Armenian traditional cuisine, discover breath-taking Christian monasteries and churches, explore Armenian culture during the day and enjoy modern Yerevan at nights. There are hundreds of reasons to travel in Armenia but…

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Customer service – a way of life at Enterprise

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia is considered one of the most reputable rent a car service in Armenia and one of the most recognized transportation providers in the world having 7200 locations in more than 70 countries all over the world. Enterprise is now a household name for frequent travelers, road trippers and those with a car in the shop. It’s a brand that’s recognized as a worldwide leader in the car rental industry. It values employees and customers as much as a member of the family. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia offers the…

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Best Way for Renting a Car in Armenia


If you plan to visit Armenia and explore its nature and tourist destinations, the best way to get around is by renting a car in Armenia. Driving in Armenia is considered quite safe. Basically, roads in Armenia are in good condition. It has well-paved roads for the most part, unless you enter smaller villages where there are some challenging areas. Travelcar Rental Agency will be your best companion throughout Armenian roads. Renting with Travelcar is easy and quick. Rent one of our comfortable cars while you are traveling to Yerevan…

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Armenian cuisine – Top Dishes you must try in Armenia

It is impossible to immerse oneself in Armenian culture and not try Armenian national dishes. Armenian national cuisine is as ancient as the history of Armenia. Armenian cuisine reflects the traditions and the history of ancient Armenia. The most astounding thing about Armenian food is that it is still organic. That’s why tourists visiting Armenia just can’t stop eating our fruit and vegetables as they are all natural, juicy and tasty and the smell of apricots, peaches or tomatoes won’t leave you indifferent. Our cuisine is a combination of different…

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Touristic Sights with Limited Driving Possibilities in Armenia

Прокат авто в Армении

Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world, full of rich history and beautiful landscapes. There are plenty of things to see and do in Armenia. This undiscovered country of the Caucasus holds gorgeous natural scenery and hidden-away towns just waiting for visitors to explore. If you are planning for an adventurous trip, the best way is to rent a car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and explore Armenia on your own pace. Self-Drive Itineraries To explore the whole of the country, many tourists prefer to take Self-Drive Tour…

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One Way Car Rentals Between Armenia And Georgia

highways_in_ armenia

If you are planning to head for an adventurous trip, the best places to visit in your itinerary would be Armenia and Georgia. The two countries are popular with very rich history and culture. Hence, if you want to explore the top tourist attractions of both countries, the best way is to rent a one way car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. What is a one-way car rental? A one-way adventure into unknown lands, a business trip with multiple stops or perhaps a big move somewhere new and exciting – whatever type…

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Cheap Flights To Armenia – Airlines To Armenia

Ներգնա Տուր Մենեջմենթի Պրակտիկ Դասընթաց

If you are planning for a new adventurous trip, the best flight to take is to Armenia. There are a number of flights to Yerevan, so in this blog we will provide a useful guide related to the airports/flights to Armenia. Armenia is a country located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. From the west Armenia is bordered by Turkey, Georgia from the north, Azerbaijan and Artsakh from the east and Iran from the south. Even though the borders of Turkey and Azerbaijan are closed, Armenia is easily accessible…

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Driving Rules And Driving Tips In Armenia

rent-a-car-in yerevan-armenia

Everything You Need To Know About Driving In Armenia Hiring a car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia is one of the best ways to explore Armenia. Instead of being tied to a tour group’s schedule, having your own car allows you the freedom to take your time, make stops and really fine tune your itinerary. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia offers you the best choice of vehicles to start your trip in Armenia. Driving in Armenia can differ from other countries, so before your start your road trip in Armenia, review the driving…

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Cities of Armenia that are worth visiting

Gyumri, Armenia

In Armenia, many beautifully preserved ancient temples and monasteries contrast with modern-built churches. A huge number of museums scattered throughout Armenia opens up completely new sides for tourists who are unfamiliar with the history of the country. Don’t know what to see in Armenia? Especially for you, we have compiled a list of popular cities of Armenia, which includes the most interesting sights of Armenia. Armenia cities to visit Gyumri Gyumri is one of the oldest cities in Armenia. In the central square of the city there is a monument to St. Vardan Mamikonyan. For services to Armenia, he…

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Adventure Holidays in Armenia

Гора Арагац, Армения

People in Armenia like to spend their holidays in different ways. Some of them like going out somewhere into the nature and making barbeque with family and friends. Some prefer swimming in Sevan Lake and resting on the beach. And of course there is a part of people, especially youth who like adventures and extreme. Here we offer some adventure activities in Armenia. Hiking on mount Aragats One of the best ways to find new friends, make memories and have awesome adventures is to climb the mount Aragats. Aragats is…

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