Discover the beautiful sites of Armenia and Georgia


Combined tours to Armenia and Georgia are an excellent opportunity to see these two countries at once in a fairly short period of time.

The trip program is rich and leaves magnificent impressions and positive emotions!

Tours combine a large number of beautiful sights of Georgia and Armenia: mountains, valleys, serpentines, passes, rivers and lakes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the architectural monuments of the countries: ancient, ascetic and at the same time such cozy churches, monasteries, ancient cave cities and rock monasteries and even a pagan temple in Armenia.

Classic tour Armenia and Georgia: amazing destinations of Georgia

Let’s see what picturesque sights you’ll reveal by visiting Tbilisi: Narikala fortress, Metekhi temple with panoramic views of the old city, Zion Cathedral, Anchiskhati church, the streets of old Tbilisi, Sulfur baths in Abanotubani, Meydan Square, famous Chardin Street, Freedom Square, Shota Rustaveli Avenue, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Pantheon on Mount Mtatsminda and many other attractions. A trip to Mtskheta will be very interesting: it’s an ancient capital of Georgia. The history of the founding of the city goes deep into the Bible, for this reason, Mtskheta is also called the second Jerusalem. Here is stored the tunic of Jesus Christ in which he was crucified. It is worth noting the monastery of Jvari (6-7th century), which means “cross”, was not restored and retained its original appearance. The professional guides will tell you about the secrets of the ancient Georgian tradition of building churches.

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