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Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded by King Argishti the First in 782 BC. And the fortress of Erebuni is an excellent proof of this, a living monument of past events. The fortress is located on the Arin-Berd hill, which means "Bloody Fortress" in Armenian. The fact is that on this hill so many poppies grew that it seemed that the hill was burning in the blood. It is the hill’s name origin. But

Valley of flowers or Tsaghkadzor The word “tsakhkadzor” in Armenian means “valley of flowers”, but to be more exact, the word “dzor” means “canyon”. So, in essence, we should have a valley with very steep slopes and full of flowers. A very attractive name for such a place in mountainous Armenia… The cable car of Tsaghkadzor So what is really the famous Tsaghkadzor in Armenia? The city of Tsakhkadzor is located on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. It is a popular center for

Sevan — The Pearl of Armenia Lake Sevan is the largest lake in Armenia and it is considered one of the three main lakes of historical Great Armenia. This is a favorite holiday destination for both locals and tourists. And there are a number of reasons for that. Therefore, everyone who comes to Armenia, necessarily want to see this corner of paradise in the middle of an unimaginable universe. Lake Sevan is the second largest freshwater lake in the world after Lake

Jermuk. The biggest health resort in Armenia The word “jermuk” in Armenian means “warm”, and if we want to be more exact, it means “a warm spring”. That is why in Armenia and beyond it, Jermuk is famous not only as the name of the resort city but also as the unusual mineral water that was once discovered there… What is the famous resort of Jermuk now? Jermuk is situated in the south of Armenia, to be exact near the Arpa River. The city

Gyumri. Armenia's Capital of Humor   The city of Gyumri is in the north of Armenia. This is the administrative center of the Shirak region of Armenia. The city has preserved in itself the echoes of the past, which smoothly correspond with the modern aura of the present city. The main square of the city is a place that connects both old and young. Silence and vanity are here side by side. So the city center lives. Gyumri Central Park The central park of the city

Among the picturesque mountains there is a city that attracts attention with its simplicity, surprising comfort and inner peace. It is located on the Vararak River. And this city is called Goris. It seems that the city hid among the mountains, perhaps, that's why the mountains are named Stone Forest. The very location of the city of Goris dictates the climate - mild and at the same time, sometimes wet. Due to natural weathering, the stone guards of the city took a

Garni. Still Standing Pagan Temple in Armenia The pagan temple in the territory of Armenia. The invincibility of the fortress was provided both by natural conditions: inaccessible rocks, the narrow deep river valley of the Azat River, perhaps, and a powerful wall of the fortress, which was lined with massive stones from basalt. On the territory of the fortress palace buildings, buildings for the king's soldiers were built, as well as other constructions, which, unfortunately, were not preserved Garni bathhouse Of great interest is the

Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Etchmiadzin Cathedral Believers around the world are eager to visit not only the Vatican but also a small country of Armenia. After all, Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as the state religion. The destination of the pilgrims is a town 30 km from Yerevan -Etchmiadzin or Vagharshapat (the city of Vagharsh). Christians from all over the world come here to pray in the temple which has already become a kind of symbol of the

Mountainous Armenia. Dilijan Armenian Switzerland This region is often called the "Armenian Switzerland", there may be many similarities, but one thing is certain – Dilijan is not only different in its attractive landscapes and its pleasant climate. In Soviet times it was a meeting place for filmmakers, composers, artists and writers, they created here. Today it is a center of tourism with a number of beautiful hotels and attractions, unique in nature and structure. Dilijan’s nature There is so much natural beauty to inspire the