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Among the picturesque mountains there is a city that attracts attention with its simplicity, surprising comfort and inner peace. It is located on the Vararak River. And this city is called Goris.
It seems that the city hid among the mountains, perhaps, that’s why the mountains are named Stone Forest. The very location of the city of Goris dictates the climate – mild and at the same time, sometimes wet.

Due to natural weathering, the stone guards of the city took a solemn and bizarre appearance. They meet everyone with their majestic appearance and talk about the history that hovers in the air in these places.

Unique houses of Goris are located right at the base of the rocks, and this produces a vivid impression on everyone who sees the houses for the first time …

A special viewing platform gives an opportunity to see the “Stone Forest”, created by constant winds.

Who would have thought that at a distance of 231 km from the capital of Armenia – the city of Yerevan – such a miracle of nature can settle ..
In four hours you will overcome the path that will lead you into a world full of universal tranquility and the mysteries of nature.
To the south of the city of Goris you will be surprised by the magnificence of the Tatev Monastery. This is a real masterpiece of medieval architecture, known in ancient times as the center of intellectual

Armenia. The road from Goris to Tatev is like a fairy tale, lost between heaven and earth. The road leads to the unknown, and from this you feel in unreality, which gives a rush of energy and a lot of positive emotions …

And not far from Goris the village of Khndzoresk is located which is an ensemble of cave-type dwellings. This is a living ethnography of the country which tells us that the caves were used as dwellings and then settled down and at the same time formed extensive settlements.

The city is famous for the house museum of Axel Bakunts, the famous Armenian writer, who had a difficult destiny, but at the same time in his works he was able to convey to the reader the love of life and beauty of the native land where he was born and grew up.

The Cathedral Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator is one of the most important sights of Goris and the place where the head of the Syunik Diocese resides.

The temple is built of gray tuff and it is characterized by strict ornamentation and sustained national external graphics. The temple under the blue sky inspires a sense of faith in the triumph of harmony in the universe.

Lake Karagel (Black Lake) was formed as a result of an extinct volcano, on the site of its crater. Now the picturesque place attracts the attention of all lovers of the natural beauties of nature. And in 1987 the Sevlich Reserve was built here.

The lake has a length of 1950 meters. Melt water, as well as rainwater formations and partially spring water form the inflow of water from this lake.

The Church of Sisavan is one of the local attractions. It was built in the seventh century BC. It is one of the oldest religious buildings on the territory of Armenia, where it was possible to preserve the ancient painting.

And the Shaky waterfall impresses with its splendor and grace. The streams of the waterfall are constantly changing, this is due to the proximity to the waterfall of the hydroelectric power station. The waterfall from this is no less beautiful and picturesque … You always want to stay in the bosom of nature next to such beauty …

Karaunj is probably the most popular place in this region among tourists. The riddle of these stone blocks remains unsettled to this day. The Karahunj is a direct proof that the people who inhabited this area in antiquity had astonishing knowledge of astronomy. The petroglyphs carved by them on the rocks are a vivid and eloquent fact that speaks of the level of knowledge of people who lived in this area.

The hotels “Zanger” and “Mirav” will provide high-quality service and an opportunity to feel among the Armenian customs and traditions.
In a word, Goris is the way you will open it for yourself …

The main thing is that in memory everything will remain. And for a long time…