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Gyumri. Armenia’s Capital of Humor


The city of Gyumri is in the north of Armenia.

This is the administrative center of the Shirak region of Armenia. The city has preserved in itself the echoes of the past, which smoothly correspond with the modern aura of the present city.

The main square of the city is a place that connects both old and young. Silence and vanity are here side by side. So the city center lives.

Gyumri Central Park

The central park of the city is a favorite place of the townspeople. In winter it is cozy here and you can always chat over a cup of coffee in a cafe, and in summer – space and expanse. Everyone will find something to do. It would be a wish!

Black Fortress of Gyumri

But the Black Fortress of Gyumri is something like a wide cylinder. The fortress saw many wars and even served as an artillery depot for the Russian army. It was built in 1837.

The house-museum of Hovhannes Shiraz in Gyumri

Lovers of literature and art must visit the house museum of Hovhannes Shiraz. The poet was born in the city of Alexandropol (which was then called Gyumri) during the First World War. The museum contains many photographs, personal things of the poet – everything that speaks about his works and a difficult life path.

Mher Mkrtchyan

And the museum of the famous artist Mher Mkrtchyan will remind not only of the Soviet era, the famous film “Mimino” but also will tell about a wonderful Armenian who was devoted all his life to himself and his native Fatherland – Mher Mkrtchyan.

Churches in Gyumri

In Gyumri, you will see unique Armenian churches: the Church of the Holy Virgin, Saint Savior, St. James. Religious structures survived the Spitak earthquake of 1988, but they retained their strict, primordial appearance.

The Hill of Honor

A special place of the city is the Hill of Honor.

This is the burial place of officers of the Russian Empire who fell in battle during the Russian-Turkish wars. The complex survived hard times, but it was reconstructed in 2010. The chapel of St. Archangel Michael was also consecrated.

History of Gyumri: Then and Nowadays

When you wander through the streets of the city, it’s hard to imagine that the first dwellings were built here in the Bronze Age. And the place where the city of Gyumri now flaunts was formerly called Kumayri.

And the author of the eighth century Gevond writes about the uprising in this city, which raised the local population against the Arabs. Then the Persians seized the city.

After the Russian-Persian War ended in the early nineteenth century, the city became the property of the Russian Empire. And it was in honor of the wife of Nicholas I that the city was renamed to Alexandropol.

In 1924, when the Soviet power came to these regions, the city changed its name again, it became known as Leninakan.

Only after Armenia gained independence in 1991 did the city get its final name, which is still preserved – Gyumri.

The city survived a whole epoch, stepped forward with time, built, struggled with natural disasters, experienced and grew.

Today Gyumri is a new milestone in the history of Armenia.

It hosts famous festivals such as Artak, new schools, kindergartens…

Gyumri is also rightfully considered the capital of humor.

The first festival of this kind was held here in 2013. And in 2012, a decision was proclaimed, where the city of Gyumri became one of the cultural capitals of the CIS.

Attractions in the city of Gyumri are endless. But here one of them occupies a special place in the life of the city. This is the brewery of Alexandropol. There is much to see here! And then there is something to remember!

In a word, Gyumri lives and breathes a modern day.

The streets of the city whisper their stories, and people tell each other their… And each story is a whole story dear to a great life!