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Valley of flowers or Tsaghkadzor

The word “tsakhkadzor” in Armenian means “valley of flowers”, but to be more exact, the word “dzor” means “canyon”.

So, in essence, we should have a valley with very steep slopes and full of flowers. A very attractive name for such a place in mountainous Armenia…

The cable car of Tsaghkadzor
The cable car of Tsaghkadzor

So what is really the famous Tsaghkadzor in Armenia?

The city of Tsakhkadzor is located on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. It is a popular center for the tourism progress and skiing in the mountains, and it is especially known for having its ropeway which consists of five stations and more than ten trails. Tsakhkadzor ropeway lies on the eastern slope of Mount Tegenis at the height of 2,819 meters. Ski lift of 6175 meters leads skiers from 1966 meters to 2819 meters above sea level.

The cableway was used since 1967, then it was newly equipped with a new and present-day design in 2004. It was done by the Italian LEITNER under the patronage of the Armenian government.

The cable car of Tsaghkadzor is one of the leading tourist attractions of the country, where a beautiful natural environment, magnificent landscapes and an abundance of picturesque places, unique for their appearance and abundance of colors, are united together.

The cable car allows visitors to feel the charm and pristine nature of Armenia. We are sure that you will enjoy such a walk under the bosom of the sky, as you will be doubled upon by the most famous natural attractions that Armenia can offer. To date, both the cable car and the trails are equipped with high-quality machinery and equipment.

The ski area of Tsakhkadzor is the best in the Caucasus. Artificial snow-removing machines and trailers make a pleasant ski trip in any weather. Well maintained ski slopes give a great pleasure both to professional sportsmen and beginners.

The resort has special trails and for beginners – several special snow slopes, a ski lift and a children’s lift. There are excellent tracks for snowboarding.

The cable car of Tsaghkadzor in winter
The cable car of Tsaghkadzor in winter

Every year on the cable car in Tsaghkadzor there are international competitions FIS. Beautiful nature, fresh air and abundance of sunlight make it all unique and exciting at the same time.

Tsakhkadzor winter season opens in mid-December and lasts until the end of March.

The stations work from ten to six. All this is done for the convenience and comfort of tourists so that they can fully experience the beauty of nature and the excitement of feeling in the air.

Tsaghkadzor hotels are comfortable and hospitable. You can see a great deal of them and each one speaks only good and positive about itself.

The hotel “Marriott” is famous for up-to-date luxury. It does not matter if you have a vacation or a family celebration, you are a hiker or you prefer cycling and skiing, you will find almost all you like at this hotel in Tsakhkadzor. The hotel is decorated with a natural palette of colors using a warm color scheme, elegant furniture and different kinds of textiles.

The hotel offers visitors both active leisure and quiet leisure in the bosom of nature. The resort complex “Mariott” in Tsakhkadzor is an ideal place for any event you have in your life.

Beauty of Tsaghkadzor's Nature
The beauty of Tsaghkadzor’s Nature

Tsaghkadzor weather has one very unique feature: human health is improved by increasing hemoglobin in the blood. For this reason, the city becomes popular among ecotourism lovers. Even in Soviet times, famous athletes trained here: after all the physical condition quickly normalized and training led to successful competitions.

Tsakhkadzor is a popular place for the people who are interested in Armenian history and architecture too.

The monastery Kecharis is the cultural heritage of the Armenian people and a living echo of history. It is located in the north-west of the city and it is distinguished by its spaciousness, rich in architectural history and exotic magnificence.

Here it is, Tsaghkadzor… A valley of comfort, kindness, joy, human simple cordiality and warm words.