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Do you know about the Little Swizerland of Armenia?

If you are looking for a cosy place to spend the weekend, check out Dilijan. In the Soviet times it mainly used to be a spa town but with so many new entertainment places, hiking spots and restaurants in the city, it is now one of the most popular destinations in Armenia.

Here’s everything you need to know to have the best trip to the little Switzerland of Armenia. 


One of the cool things about the city is the great mixture of old history and its modern look. So, start by checking out the Amphitheatre in the city center, where many outdoor events are held, especially in summer. Proceed to Sharambeyan street and explore traditional houses, made of wood and stone. The street is also famous for its small artisan shops, where you can buy many handmade products for you and your loved ones!


Pay a visit to two of the biggest educational centers in the city – United World College (UWC) and Tumo Center for Creative Technologies. Part of a worldwide network of excellent educational centers, UWC brings students from around the globe who live and study in Armenia. And Tumo in Dilijan is one of the many centers in Armenia that provides quality IT education among Armenian schoolchildren for free. The centers are havens of creativity both from the inside and the outside.

The place is called “little Switzerland of Armenia” for a reason – the nature in Dilijan is amazing! Whichever corner you look at, the green nature is following you everywhere. You will notice a much clearer air here and a lot more oxygen than in big cities. If you are a fan of hikes, check out the Dilijan National Park and discover the mesmerizing scenery of Tavush region.


Dilijan is also a great spot to find hiking treks all around. Check out hiking trails to Haghartsin Monastery, or Goshavank. Perhaps need a quiet place to clear your mind? Hike to Parz Lake. And if you are still interested to stay in the city, there are also small hikes that you can manage to do – you just have to follow the trail signs that were built by professional hiking enthusiasts.


You can’t visit Dilijan and not taste the delicious food in at least one of their restaurants. For a cup of coffee and sweets, visit Cafe #2. For a nice hearty meal, you have way too many options to choose from and whichever place you visit, the food is wonderful. Check out Kchuch, Flying Ostrich, Tava, or Haykanoush…too many to count! And lastly, finish the day with a glass of wine at Carahounge.

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