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Who doesn’t like to plan ahead and have a more or less set ideas on what they want to do and see while travelling? In Armenia the most flexible way to do so is by car, and here are a number of reasons for that.

You are in charge of your time

In order to enjoy the day fully and be free of pressure of catching the last bus back, it’s good to know that you have time. In Armenia especially, the transportation between cities and regions can be slightly tricky, as they mainly operate in the mornings and the last buses back to your original destination usually leave early in the afternoon.

Therefore, a car guarantees the freedom of not watching the clock all the time. Moreover, who does not like finding hidden gems and cozy guesthouses?

If you travel by car, you will find yourself going through villages which guide books probably do not pay that much attention to, but this is where you will find the real heart of the country: its people.

See more than the postcard picture

If you Google a place or a country, you usually see the same scenery. If you go around Armenia, you will find yourself going through valleys to forests, mountains and back. Armenia’s nature and views will not cease to amaze you, we promise that.

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