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Explore Vanadzor region

There are some places in the world where you feel completely comfortable and protected, like at home. Vanadzor is one of them. This is the third largest city of Armenia and statistically it has population of about 80 thousand people. So it’s a place where you can relax and have a rest during your active and positively exhausting trip.

Vanadzor is 50 percent green. Whichever direction you look, there are green mountains, which make you feel like you are in a green cradle. Here is a list of what to see in Vanadzor.

The city lake (Lecher for the locals)

A great place to feel cool gentle wind after a long hot ride is the city lake. Surrounded with beautiful willows, and benches underneath them, it looks calming. The Lake is one of the top places to visit in Vanadzor. You can rent a boat and ride it, alone or with a little company. Your kids could play in big water bubbles, jump on trampoline, or try the shooting gallery. There is also a café with little house-like cabins right on the side of the lake. The lake looks amazing especially when the sun slowly goes down. Don’t miss the beauty of a sunset in Vanadzor.

Top places to visit in Vanadzor

Vanadzor still has some remains of old buildings of soviet times. There is one building which you will be amazed to explore: the old complex of Artek summer camp, which is now abandoned. It is located under the forests, near the botanical garden. The buildings are situated on a hill high above the city and after quite a bit of struggle of climbing the mountain, you will see the roads and the forests from height and you will be fascinated with the breath-taking scenery.

The buildings are ruined after the devastating earthquake in 1988 but still the rooms, bathrooms, stairs and other parts of the building are seen through the destroyed walls of the building. It gives feeling of nostalgia and works as a time machine.

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