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Traveling to any country is a great unforgettable experience. Before visiting the country you should get some information about the culture and the people living there.

If you are visiting Armenia you will probably start your journey with Yerevan, capital of Armenia. Yerevan is the heart and the largest city of the sunny country.

We are going to give you a few Yerevan travel tips so that you don’t feel confused when traveling in the big and beautiful city.

One good Yerevan travel advice is to start your trip with a walking tour of the city centre. These tours will give you a good orientation and background of the city you are visiting, you learn so much about where you are!

Republic Square

Start your walk from Republic Square, take a quick look at the History Museum, the National Gallery and the Government House, as well as the iconic Armenia Marriott Hotel.

A truly magnificent thing about the square is its musical fountains. From early spring to late fall there is a fantastic fountain and light show that is accompanied by some great music of various genres.

In 2003 the asphalt of the square was removed to build it in a different style and the remains of stone walls, tiles of black and red tuff, pieces of clay jugs, and clay water pipes appeared before the gaze of the builders.

As archaeologists assure, it can be concluded that the structures found under the building area have been a part of 17th-century buildings. However, the square was built leaving the secret of the hidden town to the next generations.

Northern Avenue

After wandering around the republic square continue your walk to the Northern Avenue, a 450 metres long and 27 metres wide pedestrian street where you will see 11 modern buildings and 4 small squares. It also features an underground mall and car park.

Some of Yerevan’s most upscale shops can be found along the pedestrian avenue, including Armani, Steve Madden, Desigual and Burberry and other well recognized brands.

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