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The Armenian flora and fauna are very diverse and unique. A number of unique and beautiful flowers grow in Armenia. Here are 5 Armenian flowers that are the most popular in Armenia.


Violet has 500 species, but only 14 species are common in Armenia. It grows mainly in forests, meadows, rocky areas and so on.

Preparations from the violet flower are used for skin diseases. Fragrant violet occurs in Syunik region, mainly with yellow flowers, in Lori and Tavush regions, where the violets are large, purple and fragrant.


There are 20 species of snowdrop flower known in Asia and the Caucasus. Snowdrop grows in foothills or mountain forests, as well as in highland meadows.

There are three types of snowdrop in Armenia. It grows in oak-hornbeam forests in Tavush regionof Armenia. Snowdrop blooms in early spring. Some types of snowdrops are considered herbs.


Forget-me-not floret has a delicate turquoise hue, white or pink flowers. There are many types of forget-me-nots in Armenia – about 14 species.

They have a pleasant aroma and a delicate appearance. Forget-me-not also has healing properties. It is especially common on the Ara Mountain and Urts slopes.

But most importantly, the forget-me-not flower is considered the symbol of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The five leaflets of floret emblematize the five continents of the world where Armenians were strewn after the Genocide.


About 120 species of poppies are known. The opium poppy is grown in order to get oil and opium in Armenia. Poppy is used in food, confectionery, canned and perfume products. Besides, the poppy looks very nice and has a glamorous smell.

In medicine, the poppy is used as an analgesic. There are 16 varieties of poppy in the Republic of Armenia. It grows on sub-alpine meadows, mountain zones, dry green slopes, etc.

If you cut poppy, you’ll notice white, yellow or orange lemon juice. Poppies bloom in May-June.

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