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Harissa festival in Musaler Armenia 2018

Harissa is one of the tastiest and most favourite traditional dishes in Armenia. Besides being too delicious, Harissa is also a symbol of Armenian strength because of the prehistory of its origin.


The origin or Harissa

Many people make sure that the history of Harissa origin goes back to 1915 when the Turkish government was massacring Armenians, trying to solve Armenian question by a genocide.
A small town in Armenia named Musaler was fighting for 40 days in order not to be killed and when the chicken was nearly over people put Korkot (a special type of wheat) together with chicken to survive. Armenians survived and the fantastic dish named Harissa became a traditional Armenian dish!

Musaler-harissaWhat is Armenian Harissa?

Armenian Harissa is a thick porridge prepared with Korkot (a roasted cracked wheat), chicken or lamb (in the end you can add a butter). Armenians love making Harissa so much that they even have a festival dedicated to this amazing dish and the bravest people of Musaler.

Harissa Festival in Musaler Armenia

Today proud people of Musaler are annually celebrating their victory with the help of Harissa festival. During this festival, people have a great chance to taste the best Harissa in Armenia which is made in front of their eyes.

harissa-fest-in-armeniaHarissa Festival in Musaler Armenia 2018

Here you can find the date and the place of the Harissa festival 2018:
Date: September 15
Place: Musaler, Armavir Province
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