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Where should you go hiking in Armenia?

If you are in a search to hike to adventurous trails and see gorgeous scenery look no further than Armenia. For such a small country, Armenia can offer you very diverse nature in each region and you can go on a hike to a mountain, to a fortress, a beautiful lake and so many more places!

Here’s a list of some of the most popular hiking treks in Armenia


Take Dilijan as your starting point and first discover what the city has to offer. Once you have seen the city and want to see more of the region, try hiking the Dilijan National Park. Due to the tireless work of many tourism enthusiasts, the hiking trail in the Park is well designed. Walk through the trail and discover the mesmerizing beauty of Tavush region most famous for its breathtaking nature.


If you are still up for another hike, navigate your way from Parz lake to Gosh lake. The hiking route again goes through a forest and Gosh village. There, you can also check out the Goshavank Monastery that was built in the 12th century and is still a very common stop for visitors year round. Don’t think of your main goal as the final destination, the whole scenery is absolutely stunning, so enjoy every bit of the surroundings during your hike.


If you think your experience with nature in Tavush is over, the south of Armenia is a whole other story! This part of the country is completely different and you will discover much more sightseeing in the region than you can ever imagine.

First, visit Tatev monastery and explore the beautiful gorges and mountains. You will then also see a set of different hikes described on a big sign near the monastery. These trails can take you to as many exotic places as you want.


Want to experience some extreme? Take a trail that leads to the gorge to Devil’s Bridge, an exceptional natural wonders, situated in the canyon of Vorotan River with many mountainous springs around.

Interested in seeing more of the history of the villages nearby the area? Hike to the villages nearby such as Old Harjis, Halidzor or further away Khndzoresk where it looks like you are in medieval times, experiencing history with what has been preserved in the region.

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