Holidays in Armenia

Holidays help a traveler to learn more about the country and its culture. Armenia is a country of contrasts and rich culture. There are different holidays here and visiting Armenia you definitely need to know about some of them. Let’s get acquainted with the most popular holidays in Armenia.

New Year

Every year begins with the New Year as in a lot of countries on December 31st. Armenian celebrate it from 20th century especially when Armenia joined USSR.

Armenians start New Year preparation almost a month before the holiday because it is one of the most favorite holidays of Armenian people and they pay attention to each detail. Before and after 31st of December in the frames of New Year celebrations you will be able to enjoy amazing events, performances, festivals in the streets. There is a Christmas market in the center of the city in the Northern Avenue with unique handmade gifts, souvenirs, Christmas tree decorations etc.

Independence day

Independence day (“Ankakhutyan or” in Armenian) is one of the most important holidays in every country. Armenia celebrates its independence on 21st September. In 1991 on this day Armenia seceded from the Soviet Union.
Let’s go back to ancient times to understand why independence is very important for Armenians.



During the year various events are held all over the country in frames of the celebrations of the day. Most of the events take place in Yerevan- the capital of the country.
In the churches a liturgy is served. Besides, the president awards people for their service to the country.

Often in honor of the Independence Day military Parades are held in Republic Square, Yerevan with the presence of the president and other officials. People gather here with their children to watch the military equipment and military performances.
All over the country in the squares concerts shows are held. The day ends with great firework shows.

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