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How Did The War And Covid-19 Impress Armenian Tourism

Which are the Marketing Solutions for the development of Tourism

Who can forget 2020? I think nobody. Especially Armenians will never forget because they survived not only Covid-19 but also THE WAR in Artsakh, which lasted over 44 days and left its psychological and social effects on Economical development.

The challenges and problems of Armenian Tourism:

Tourism is the key Economical field in Armenia and by the end of 2019 had formed about 19% of GDP. Let us notice that in this period of time Outgoing Tourism and Ingoing Tourism exceeded Internal Tourism. In 2020 the image completely changed due to Covid-19 pandemic.
In Armenia the worst effects suffered HoReCa field. All the Restaurants, Hotels, Coffees were closed, the beforehand bookings was canceled which reflected growth of Bankruptcy.

The pause of Aviation activity effected the loss of foreign tourists flow.

Statistical data shows up that During COVID-19 especially Digital Marketing helped our Economy to stay on feet.
Businesses with smart and flexible decision making made rapid transition to online deliver services. Here stood Digital Marketing to help. Traffic on Online markets, Social Media has had a great growth. For example restaurants organized the process of online food orders, delivers, in some cases suggesting their encouragement to isolated people, 24/7 working med staffs to provide them with food and their business with profit for surviving.

The second beat to Armenian Economy was Artsakh War.

Both in Macro- and Micro- economical levels Armenia is suffering huge damages and loses, the volume of Investments is falling down, all Armenians suffer moral-psychological stress. Internal political situation in international market makes Armenia not so comfortable and safe country. There is a hypothesis that in short time the profit level of medium-statistical person(customer) will decrease due to the budget deficit. All these, of course, strongly impress the Tourism and HoReCa businesses.

Well, we have the problem, let’s find an appropriate solutions to it and help Armenian Tourism and hospitality get the second life!

Here are some key tips and strategies for tourism renaissance:

Well, we have the problem, Let’s find appropriate solutions to it and help Armenian Tourism and hospitality get a second life!

1.Positioning Armenia on International Maps that shows the best tourism-friendly countries in the sight of Ancient History, Rich Culture, and Wonderful Nature.

For Example in UNESCO’s interactive map in the natural and cultural thematic classifiers, the world՛s attention draws to Armenia with only three cultural places that are related to Christianity․(Monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, Monastery of Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley, Cathedral and Churches of Echmiatsin and the Archaeological Site of Zvartnots).

2.Using Influencer Marketing for propagandising Armenia by famous and attractive bloggers, travelers

Marketing campaigns involving influencers are highly effective for targeting customers belonging to a specific age. Business organizers with the encouragement of State bodies can use agents of influence from a specific niche who have a good knowledge of this specific customer group. 

Launching new products and product variants with the help of familiar influencers will also reduce the marketing costs and yield a better return on investment (ROI).

An experience is a strong tool for effective promotion. 

3.Organizing more traditional festivals. 

Festivals have an important role in Event Marketing. Information spread about the festivals, inviting announcements via Google and Social Ads can help to gather an interested audience. Festival organizers must first tell their audience about upcoming Events and inspire them not to miss the chance to participate: Facebook event posts, storytelling videos, challenging hashtags can be the best tools.

The secret of a successful Festival Campaign is a well-organized plan. 

4.Leverage Visual Media

The majority of customers make decisions under the pressure of emotions, so marketers must focus their toolkit on good experiences reflected on visual content. 

To send these experiences to interested people marketing specialists can use hashtags via social media to showcase the best travel photos for that extra push of social proof. 

For example #VisitArmenia #FindOutArmenia 

Analyzing the Armenian Economical situation, we conclude that there are great opportunities to change Economical cycle to the development. Some experts will not agree with this opinion reasoning the lack of financial resources in the Armenian economy. But in this modern technological era, the best resources are creativity, great enthusiasm, and the will to see Armenia more attractive and developed in the fast-changing world full of new challenges…
So let’s bring to life tourism Renaissance. The World doesn’t like waiting!